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Jerry Gonzalez

Rumba Para Monk - Jerry Gonzalez & Fort Apache Band
CD (Sunnyside SSC1036D), Released 1989;
Produced by Jerry Gonzalez
Arranged by Jerry Gonzalez
It could be effectively be argued that the Fort Apache Band is the singular most artistically successful Latin jazz band around. It would be more accurate to describe them as a jazz ensemble that perfectly bases their material on traditional Afro-Latin rhythmic structures. They are a roller coaster which can be uplifting and exhausting at the same time. They have there own signature sound that cannot be duplicated. And, by the way, they are the real deal.
"Jerry and ensembles' idea of juxtaposing legendary jazz pianist Thelonious Monk's compositions, or as Jerry calls them, 'masterpieces,' atop Afro-Cuban rhythms is one of the most innovative things to happen in Latin jazz. Their approach and sound have become signature. Many compare, none imitate. Truly a classic of the genre." (Raul Rico Jr. 98/99 Catalog)
"In the expert hands of Fort Apache’s musical wizards, Monk takes to Afro-Cuban rhythms like fish takes to chips or Al took to Zoot. The González brothers spent years refining their concepts of interpreting Monk in clave. It sure as hell paid off." (David M. Carp 98/99 Catalog)
"In addition to the wonderful musicians on this album, and exceptional arranging work by Jerry González, the music of one of the planet's most important composers, Thelonious Monk, shines. I am convinced that he wrote 'in clave,' and therefore his music lends itself perfectly to 'Latinization,' so to speak. The music is energetic and flowing, without being 'forced' into the Latin groove." (Rebeca Mauleón 96/97 Catalog)
"This band of renegades plays the most intense and serious Afro-Cuban jazz on record. Not for the casual listener or afficionado, this is ultimate high octane music for the uncompromising jazz and Afro-Cuban lover." (Alfredo Cruz 94/95 Catalog)
"Combines the fire of Latin jazz with the coolness of be-bop. And, as always, top-notch musicianship. I especially love hearing Gonzalez on trumpet. I have not yet heard their most recent release (Moliendo Cafe), which I've heard is a knockout. Anything by this ensemble is highly recommended." (Nina Lenart 94/95 Catalog)
"The best Latin jazz record out of New York in many years. These are among the few guys who really understand both jazz and Latin music." (Ned Sublette 94/95 Catalog)
"I would recommend any CD by this group. This is the state of the art of Afro-Cuban jazz. It has uncompromising jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythm, a true hybrid. Andy Gonzalez proves that a bass doesn't have to 'walk' in jazz. His jazz tumbaos are impeccable." (David Peñalosa 94/95 Catalog)
"The finest example of small group Afro-Cuban jazz to date. 'NUFF SAID!" (Bobby Sanabria 94/95 Catalog)
Song titles include:
Monk's Mood 11:13
Bye-Ya 6:42
Nutty 5:37
Little Rootie Tootie 9:45
Misterioso 10:03
Ugly Beauty 7:26
Reflections 9:29
Jackie-ing 11:29
Musicians include:
Jerry Gonzalez Trumpet, flugelhorn, congas, chekere, bells, guiro
Steve Berrios Drums, bata, timbales, clav, chekere,bells
Andy Gonzalez Bass
Carter Jefferson Tenor sax
Larry Willis Piano
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-10502.10 CD $17.98


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