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Lo Mejor De Monguito
CD (SAR/Guajiro 1002), Released 1991;
Editor's Pick:
**Classics Revisited**
After arriving from Cuba (via Mexico), the Afro-Cuban sonero Monguito made his New York album debut on 1963's Primitivo on Roost singing lead vocals with the conjunto of the legendary Arsenio Rodríguez (see the Classics Revisited review). He went on to work with the likes of Johnny Pacheco's Nuevo Tumbao, Herbie Mann, Tico All-Stars and Larry Harlow before making four solo albums on Fania between 1967 and 1971. After a period of low output during the '70s, he made a major comeback in 1979 with Yo No Soy Mentiroso, the second release to come out of the newly formed SAR stable. This album marked the beginning of a highly productive five year period during which he worked on various productions for the Ivory Coast based Sacodis label and the SAR sister label Toboga. Lo Mejor De Monguito includes all six tracks from Yo No Soy Mentiroso, recorded when producer Roberto Torres and arranger Alfredo Valdés Jr. were creating the mould of the SAR house style of stretched-out tracks with oodles of space for soloing, and four cuts from 1982's Monguito El Unico on Toboga. In addition to Valdés Jr. on piano, other featured SAR All-Stars are trumpeter Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, tres player Charlie Rodríguez and conguero Alberto Valdés. Monguito and Valdés Jr. adopted a similar style for the Sacodis productions, the reissue of which are eagerly awaited. In the meantime, lap this up.
Highly recommended. (John Child, 2005-03-07)
Song titles include:
Miren Que Suerte (from Monguito El Unico '82 on Toboga)
Perla Fina (from Monguito El Unico '82 on Toboga)
Rumberos De Ayer (from Monguito El Unico '82 on Toboga)
No Le Llamen Salsa A Mi Son (from Monguito El Unico '82 on Toboga)
Mi Son, Mi Son (from Yo No Soy Mentiroso '79 on SAR)
Punteame El Tres (from Yo No Soy Mentiroso '79 on SAR)
Guaguanco Sabroso (from Yo No Soy Mentiroso '79 on SAR)
Yo No Soy Mentiroso (from Yo No Soy Mentiroso '79 on SAR)
Un Pedacito (from Yo No Soy Mentiroso '79 on SAR)
Este Rumbon (from Yo No Soy Mentiroso '79 on SAR)
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-10578.10 CD $14.98


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