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Celia Cruz

Tributo A Ismael Rivera
CD (Fania / Emusica - Remastered Edition 130 191), Re-Issued 2007
Produced by Jerry Masucci & Louie Ramirez
Editor's Pick:
"The Queen of Cuban salsa honors 'El Sonero Mayor' of Puerto Rico with passionate cover versions of some of his best known tunes. On 'Las Caras Lindas' she does a Nat(alie) Cole by bringing Maelo for a brief duet." (George De Stefano, 94/95 Catalog)We are happy to offer the new digitally remastered reissues from the classic salsa label, Fania. Brought to you by Emusica, which, over time, will be reissuing the entire catalog with improved sound and superb liner notes too - some of which are written by's own virtually resident scholar, John Child.
Many of these new reissues have been remastered by Jon Fausty or Bob Katz. (DR, 2007-01-27)
Song titles include:
Las Caras Lindas 5:32
Quitate De La Via Perico 3:42
Perfume De Rosas 4:12
A Bailar Mi Bomba 4:34
Maquinolandera 2:45
Arrecotin Arrecotan 3:27
Yo No Quiero Piedras En Mi Camino 4:57
El Negro Bembon 3:41
Seis De Borinquen 4:33
El Nazareno 4:20
Musicians include:
Ricky Gonzales Piano
Jimmy Delgado Timbales
Jose Madera Bongos
Johnny Torres Bass
Sam Burtis Trombone
Tony Barrero Trumpet
Roberto Rodriguez Trumpet
Juan Colon Alto saxophone
Mitch Frohman Alto saxophone
Juan Pepin Conga
Jose Mangual Percussion
Louie Ramirez Celeste, chimes
Tito Allen Coro
Ray De La Paz Coro
Adalberto Santiago Coro
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa: Classic 1960s Or 1970s New York
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-11306.10 CD $14.98


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