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Totico Y Sus Rumberos
CD (Montuno 515), Re-Issued 1992
Produced by Rene Lopez
"One of my favorite Latin New York albums. You have to hear the guaguancó version of the doo-wop number 'What's Your Name?' to believe it." (Ned Sublette 94/95 Catalog)
"Recorded in New York City, this is probably the best produced rumba CD available. Each performance was obviously well rehearsed. One bonus is the addition of Andy Gonzalez on acoustic bass. Bass is not a typical instrument of rumba of course, but Mr. Gonzalez plays in a manner so much 'in the feel' that his contribution seems right at home." (David Peñalosa 94/95 Catalog)
Song titles include:
Mil Gracias (Rumba) 5:53
Oferere (Toque Bata) 4:51
What's Your Name? (Doo-Wop Bata Rumba) 4:43
Arere (Rumba) 4:24
A Una Mamita (Guaguanco) 3:53
Noche Cubana (Cancion Guaguanco) 4:20
Oye Mis Cantares (Yambu) 3:44
La Comunidad (Columbia) 3:16
Con Tres Tambores Bata Un Quinto Y Un Tumbador (Bata Rumba) 4:21
Musicians include:
Eugenio F. Arango (Totico) Leader, vocals, chorus, quinto drum and cajon
Orlando Rios (Puntilla) Musical director, vocals, chorus, lya drum, quinto drum and cajon
Encarnacion Perez Vocal ("Noche Cubana") and chorus
Fran Alcaso Okonkolo drum
Pedro Bruzon (Buchichi) Percussion (los palos) and chorus
Gene Golden Iya drum and clave
Andy Gonzalez Bass and chorus
Jerry Gonzalez Quinto drum, tres golpes drum and chorus
Hector Hernandez (Flaco) Itaatele drum, los palos, shekere
Carlos Sanchez Okonkolo drum and chorus
Rene Lopez II Quinto drum and acajon
Carlos Mestre (Compadrito) Tumbador drum
Lazaro Parrado Diaz (Papo) Tres golpe drum
Abraham Rodriguez Chorus and duo "What's your name?"
Ricardo Ugarte (Umba) Chorus
Rene Lopez Chorus
Zunny Lopez Chorus
Category: Folkloric => Rumba And/Or Santeria/Lucumi => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-11430.10 CD $14.98


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