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Tito Puente

Top Percussion
CD (BMG/Tropical Series 3264), Released 1957; Re-Issued 1993
1992 re-issue of recording done in New York City, 1957. Top Percussion is a classic example of Afro-Cuban music in its purist form. This recording contains the efforts of some of the greatest Cuban and Puerto Rican master percussionists and singers available in the United States. Mongo Santamaría, Willie Bobo, Julito Collazo, Francisco Aguabella, Marcelino Guerra, Enrique Martí, Evaristo Baro, El Viejo Machucho and Mercedita.
"Experimenting with Afro-Cuban music in its purest form. Featuring some of the top percussionists of all time from Mongo, Bobo and Julito Collazo to Francisco Aguabella to the king himself, Tito Puente." (Joe Conzo with special consultant Tito Puente 96/97 Catalog)
"Truly one of TP's best, featuring fellow giants Francisco Aguabella, Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaría, Julito Collazo and others. Puente has over 100 LPs to his name, so it was very hard for me to pick just one! His career has spanned several decades and quite a few musical styles, and he's still going strong!" (Rebeca Mauleón 96/97 Catalog)
"One of the first albums I owned, and what a good thing for me! A mountain of wonderful music featuring Tito, Mongo and Willie Bobo. A must for the Afro-Cuban percussionist!" (Chuck Silverman 96/97 Catalog)
"Tito has had many records featuring mambos, salsa and Latin jazz, some of which are true classics. However, I've selected 'Top Percussion' because it exposes Tito's mastery of timbales. If you love hearing bongos, congas and timbales improvising, this is the CD for you. Also featured here are some tasty renditions of folkloric bembe and yesa. Personnel include Mongo Santamaria, Julito Collazo, Francisco Aguabella and Willie Bobo." (David Peñalosa 94/95 Catalog)
"Considered to be highly experimental at the time, this all-percussion album set the trend for live solo percussion playing. Tito is joined by an all-star group of master musicians from Cuba and Puerto Rico. It really shows Tito's stuff." (Rachel Faro and Sammy Figueroa 94/95 Catalog)
Song titles include:
Eleguara 2:55
Bragada 3:30
Obatalá Yeza 3:20
Alaumba Chemaché 2:50
Oguere Madeo 3:55
Obaricoso 3:40
Four By Two 2:05
Conga Alegre 2:40
Ti Mon Bo 6:30
Mon Ti 5:00
Hot Timbales 2:50
Night Ritual 7:13
Musicians include:
Tito Puente Leader, timbales
Mongo Santamaria Cuban percussion
Willie Bobo Cuban percussion
Francisco Aguabella Cuban percussion
Enrique Martí Cuban percussion
Marcelino Guerra Cuban vocalist
Julito Collazo Cuban vocalist
El Viejo Macucho Cuban vocalist
Mercedita Cuban vocalist
Evaristo Baro String bass
All Stars On "Night Ritual", An Afro Cuban Jazz Mini Suite
Category: Dance Traditions => Big Band Mambo Jazz
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-11582.10 CD $15.98


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