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Tito Puente

Dance Mania Vol. 1
CD (BMG/Tropical Series 2467), Released 1957; Re-Issued 1991
Arranged by Tito Puente
Vocals: Santito Colón.
"Just awesome music and arrangements with the classics: 'Cayuco,' 'Hong Kong Mambo,' 'Complicacion,' 'Saca Tu Mujer,' and 'Varsity Drag Mambo.'" (Nelson Rodriguez 98/99 Catalog)
"The classic arrangements that would define Tito Puente's big band for decades. Santos Colon's vocals are beautiful. This release was close to the beginning of a prolific 16-year collaboration between Tito and Santos." (Alan James Geik 98/99 Catalog)
"A CD you'll want to dance to and listen to over and over again." (Joe Gaines 96/97 Catalog)
"This album is probably the greatest dance album ever made. Some great arrangements, pure Latin swing with T.P. In his prime, and Santos Colon's vocals. " (Larry Harlow 96/97 Catalog)
"Hot recordings usually get a few months of air play. This album received three years worth. It is TP's best selling LP to date, it has sold millions." (Max Salazar 96/97 Catalog)
"The best recording for dancers and listeners. Big band, full brass and woodwinds. Great T.P. arrangements and performance. Quite a band. A must for every Latin music fan." (Al Santiago 94/95 Catalog)
Song titles include:
El Cayuco - Son Montuno 2:33
Complicacion - Guaguanco 3:18
3-D Mambo - Mambo Jazz Inst. 2:23
Llego Mijan - Son Montuno 3:10
Cuando Te Vea - Guaguanco 4:10
Hong Kong Mambo 3:42
Mambo Gozon 2:44
Mi Chiquita Quiere Bembe - Cha Cha Cha Bembe 3:55
Varsity Drag - Mambo Jazz Inst. 2:48
Estoy Siempre Junto A Ti - Bolero 3:10
Agua Limpia Todo - Guaguanco 2:55
Saca Tu Mujer - Guaracha 3:02
Musicians include:
Tito Puente Leader, timbales, mirimbas
Bernie Glow Trumpet
Jimmy Frisaura Trumpet
Frank Lo Pinto Trumpet
George Lopez Trumpet
Gene Rapetti Trumpet
Larry Moser Trumpet
Leon Merian Trumpet
Rafael Palau Saxophone
Jerry Sanfino Saxophone
Schepp Pullman Saxophone
Tony Buonpastore Saxophone
Raymond Concepcion Piano
Bobby Rodriguez Bass
Ray Barretto Cuban percussion
Julito Collazo Cuban percussion
Ray Rodriguez Cuban percussion
Vitin Aviles Chorus
Otto Olivar Chorus
Santitos Colon Chorus
Category: Dance Traditions => Big Band Mambo Jazz
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-11630.10 CD $15.98


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