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Andy Harlow

Sorpresa La Flauta
CD (Vaya VS-14), Released 1972; Re-Issued 2006
Produced by Larry Harlow
Editor's Pick:
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**Classics Revisited**
Sorpresa La Flauta, the 1972 solo debut by reeds and vibes player, composer and arranger Andy Harlow on Fania's subsidiary Vaya label garnered a gold disc and spawned "La Lotería", the company's biggest selling 45 rpm to date. His older brother, the already established bandleader, Larry Harlow, produced the album and recommended that Andy adopt a trombanga sound and eschew his main instrument, the sax, to play flute in the band's two 'bones and flute frontline. Talking in detail about the making of the album with me for the piece Interview with a Salsa Brother, Andy revealed sidemen and specific arranger credits omitted from the original vinyl release. These are also given below. "The recording was very well planned up front. We spent a lot of time selecting tunes and assigning arrangers. Larry, Ismael (Miranda) and I did it together," said Andy. "It was a tremendous break for me and I really put all my energies into it." This is clearly evident from this lovingly remastered reissue, and as Andy adds in his liner notes: "This classic hard driving New York salsa dura from the '70s can be enjoyed by a whole new generation of salsa lovers as well as my own generation."
Very Highly Recommended.
(John Child, 2014-04-09)
Very Limited Quantities.
Song titles include:
Ay Que Bueno - Arranger: Javier Vázquez 3:59
Cambia El Paso - Arranger: Mark Weinstein 4:42
Superstar - Arranger: Barry Levitt 3:42
No, Que Va A Llorar - Arranger: Javier Vázquez 4:11
Sorpresa La Flauta - Arranger: Andy Harlow 6:43
Amor Perdido 2:45
El Primer Montuno - Arranger: Andy Harlow 4:41
La Loteria - Arranger: Mark Weinstein 3:18
Musicians include:
Andy Harlow Leader/flute
Johnny Vasquez Vocalist
Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez Coro
Adalberto Santiago Coro
Ismael Miranda Coro
Jose Madrid Piano
Alfredo Roddriguez Piano
Joe Santiago Bass
Louis Kahn Trombone
Leopoldo Pineda Trombone
Abie Lima Timbales
Frankie Rodriguez Congas
Dizzy "Izzy" Sanabria 3 voices on "La Loteria"
Nicky Marrero Bongos
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa: Classic 1960s Or 1970s New York
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