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Fernando Lavoy

Fernando Lavoy Y Los Soneros
CD (SAR/Guajiro 1032), Released 1982; Re-Issued 1994
Arranged by Juan González
Editor's Pick:
**Classics Revisited**
In 1982, he took star billing on the follow-up Fernando Lavoy y Los Soneros and composed half the songs, including the fantastic mellow groove "Cójelo Suave" and upbeat mover "No Vuelvo Contigo". Fine piano solos from Juan González Jr distinguish both tracks.. The album kicks off in brisk form with "No Voy A Dormir", on which Juan González unleashes a tasty ornate trumpet solo. He also solos on "Cójelo Suave", where his trumpet work veritably oozes sabor, the Miguel Matamoros tune "Pegaditos" and Fernando's third composition "No Vuelvo Contigo". The Juan González penned track "Arrolle Bailando" showcases a tour de force solo from conguero Roberto Borrel topped and tailed by soaring, layered trumpet lines.
Fernando relocated to Miami, where he sessioned as a chorus singer during the remainder of the '80s. In 1989 he returned with the yet to be reissued Fernando Lavoy Con El Conjunto Dinastiadiez on Don Mateo / Codiscos, recorded in Bogotá, Colombia and Miami. Musically, the album was one of the strongest salsa releases of the year and spawned "La Perrita De Vicente", another tune popular with Colombians. In the mid-'90s he was murdered in a case of mistaken identity.
Fernando Lavoy y Los Soneros is well performed, arranged and produced, and come highly recommended. (John Child, 2005-02-08)
Song titles include:
No Voy A Dormir
Cojelo Suave
Juana La Sin Goma
Arrolle Bailando
No Vuelvo Contigo
Musicians include:
Juan González Jr. Piano
Juan González Trompeta
José M. Trápaga "Chichi" Trompeta
Lionel Duchesne Trompeta
Jorge Galo Trompeta
Jaime Garcia Bajo
Roberto Borrei Conga
Juan Méndez Bongo
Norman A. Rodriguez Tres
Fernando Lavoy Cantante & Coros
Andrés Hidalgo Coros
Norman Rodriguez Coros
Eugenio Pérez Coros
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-13629.10 CD $14.98


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