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Cal Tjader

Soul Sauce
CD (Verve/Poly. 521 668), Re-Issued 1994
"When I did this list the first time around, this CD hadn't been reissued, but now it is available. I wrote, 'Tjader's biggest seller featured his signature tune "Guachi Guara" aka as "Soul Sauce." All of Tjader's albums are great, but this is a classic.' I haven't changed my opinion." (Raul Rico Jr. 98/99 Catalog)
"Released in 1966, this LP launched the usage of the word 'salsa.' LP sold 150,000 copies. It was aired on Latin, R&B, and jazz programs across the USA." (Max Salazar 98/99 Catalog)
"Regarded by many as one of the premier masters of the vibes, he blends his classic style of Latin jazz. This album is full of out and out Latin groove which blows your mind. Tjader and company are efficient and talented on their respective instruments." (Joe Gaines 96/97 Catalog)
"My mother used to play this record over and over when I was a child, and I never tired of it. 'Soul Sauce (Wachi Wara)' always captivated me, and the song still sounds so contemporary. I remember singing along with Lonnie Hewitt's piano solo in 'Mamblues,' and going nuts with Armando Peraza's amazing conga playing. Definitely one of the best all-time Latin jazz recordings." (Rebeca Mauleón 96/97 Catalog)
"Dr. Tjader recorded close to 80 LPs. For me, this was his best. Each recording included a rich melody which heightened the feeling. The cover photo of Tabasco sauce next to a plate of rice led to the coining of the term 'salsa.' This album started the popular usage of the word 'salsa' in 1965 before its spread in 1973." (Max Salazar 96/97 Catalog)
"This one has been one of our all-time favorite albums. When Ramon and I first started hanging out together, this album was almost new. And I played this album every single day for many, many years. Cal told me that the band had been playing together so much that they recorded this in a single day. After they laid down the title cut, 'Soul Sauce,' Lonnie Hewitt told Cal that it was missing something. That's when they called Willie Bobo to come to the session to do some overdubbing using the jawbones, or 'quija,' and the jive talk. They told me that Willie broke two of the jawbones during the session. He was slapping the thing hard! This CD also has a second version of 'Guachi Guaro' and three other tunes never before released from that same session. It features Donald Byrd on trumpet, Jimmy Heath on tenor." (Poncho Sanchez and Ramon Banda 96/97 Catalog)
Song titles include:
Soul Sauce (Guachi Guaro) 2:24
Afro-Blue 4:27
Pantano 3:35
Somewhere In The Night 3:14
Maramoor Mambo 4:00
Tanya 5:28
Leyte 5:18
Spring Is Here 4:00
Joao 4:50
Soul Sauce (Guachi Guaro) Rough Mix 2:30
Monkey Beams 5:40
Ming 8:39
Mamblues 3:49
Musicians include:
Cal Tjader Vibes
Donald Byrd Trumpet
Jimmy Heath Tenor Sax
Lonnie Hewitt Piano
Kenny Burrell Guitar
Bob Bushnell Bass
Richard Davis Bass
John Hilliard Bass
Willie Bobo Percussion
Armando Peraza Percussion
Alberto Valdes Percussion
Johnny Rae Drums
Grady Tate Drums
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-13660.10 CD $17.98


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