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Willie Rosario

Nuevos Horizontes
CD (Bronco 128), Re-Issued 1995
Produced by Willie Rosario
"If Manny Oquendo & Libre are New York’s university for Latin music’s future luminaries, I would posit that the Willie Rosario band is the leading contender in Puerto Rico. Those graduating from his band have included singers Frankie Figueroa, Junior Toledo, Guillo Rivera, Primi Cruz and ’90s superstars Tony Vega and Gilberto Santa Rosa, pianist Alfredo Rodríguez, trumpeter/musical director David ‘Piro’ Rodríguez and trumpeter, arranger, composer and producer Humberto Ramírez. During the 40 plus years of Willie’s career as a bandleader, the mid-’80s were definitely a peak - and I believe 'Nuevos Horizontes' was the apex of this peak. There was an explosion of robust swinging salsa in Puerto Rico at the time dominated by the precision drilled dance bands of Rosario, Tommy Olivencia, Bobby Valentín and others. 'Nuevos Horizontes' epitomises the excitement of this era for me. However this is not to suggest the album sounds dated. Not at all. It sounds as fresh today as in 1984. Ironically Willie partly used 'Nuevos Horizontes' to pay homage to an earlier age of swinging Latin music by covering the classic mambos 'Chango Ta Beni' and 'Babarabatiri,' both given a thoroughly modern make-over. There is also a delicious cover of 'Lluvia' by Adalberto Alvarez, the Cuban composer leaders like Willie, Roberto Roena, Papo Lucca and Louie Ramírez were hip to at the time. We’re told salsa swing is on the return. If so, then this album deserves to become an icon of this revival." (John Child 99/00 Catalog)
"I was very fortunate to promote this CD for my friend Willie back in 1985 when he featured two of today's hottest vocalists, Tony Vega and Gilberto Santa Rosa. The hits include 'Lluvia,' 'Chango Ta Beni,' 'Si Yo Tuviera Un Millon,' 'Babarabatiri,' and 'Carmelito Del Campo.'" (Nelson Rodriguez 98/99 Catalog)
"Rosario's best selling album, hot searing salsa like 'Babarabatiri.'" (Max Salazar 98/99 Catalog)
Song titles include:
Si Yo Tuviera Un Millon
Chango Ta Beni
Caramelito Del Campo
Obra Sellada
El Plantao
Musicians include:
Ricky Rodriguez Piano
Carlos Rondan Bajo
Jimmie Morales Conga
Tito Echevarria Bongó
Madamo Diaz Percusion
Marito Ortiz Trompeta
Marcelo Rosario Trompeta
Luis Aquiño Trompeta
Fernandito Marcano Trompeta
Willie Rosario Timbales
Beto Tirado Baritono
Gilberto Santa Rosa Coro
Tony Vega Coro
Mario Viera Coro
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-14054.10 CD $15.98


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