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Israel "Cachao" Lopez

Master Sessions, Volume 2
CD (Crescent Moon/Epic 67319), Released 1995;
Produced by Andy Garcia
We must all thank Andy Garcia for sponsoring, el maestro, Israel Cachao Lopez's re-emergence and sainthood. The first release, "Master Sessions Vol. 1" was good, but in my opinion was a warm up exercise preceding this masterwork. This lush, perfectly produced recording smokes. Cachao is brilliant, as is the rest of the team. Rolando LaSerie's surprise presence here is like having the deck stacked. Icing on the cake.
"A super-duper-must-have!" (Phil Riggio 98/99 Catalog)
"This and Master Sessions, Vol. 1 (TL-14476) are essentials of any serious music collection. These two beautifully produced CDs are like a distillation of Cachao's massive body of work: elegant danzones, fiery descargas, amazing bass riffs, old and new material, and a dream orchestra. Lazaro Galarraga sings on Vol. 1, Rolando LaSerie on Vol. 2. Each cut is a gem." (Nina Lenart 98/99 Catalog)
Song titles include:
Los Tres Golpes/The Three Beats (Danza) 1:25
Bemba 'e Cuchara/Spoon Lips (Descarga Jam Session) 5:51
El Progreso/The Progress (Danzón) 7:29
El Guapachoso/The Brave One (Son Montuno) 8:36
Descarga A/Jam Session A (Descarga Jam Session) 8:05
Cunde Echa Un Pie/Cunde Takes Off (Guaracha) 3:57
Romántica Mujer/Romantic Woman (Bolero Son) 4:19
Sigue A Paquito Si Puedes/Follow Paquito If You Can ((danzón) 7:54
El Timbalero Travieso/the Mischievous Timbalero (Descarga Jam Session) 5:00
Africa Suite: Eleggua (intro) (Canto Yoruba/Yoruba Chant) 1:47
Africa Viva (Danzón) 9:12
Juana La Coja/Jane The Lame (Descarga Jam Session 7:36
Eleggua Con Cachao (Coda) (Canto Yoruba/Yoruba Chant 2:46
Musicians include:
Israel Lopez "Cachao" Conductor, Bass, Vocals, Cow Bell, piano, Lead Vocal on cut 6.
Francisco Aguabella Iya Batá drum and Coro
Alfredo "Chocolate" Årmenteros Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Rafael "Felo" Barrio Bombo, guiro, maracas, coro
Jimmy Bosch Trombone
Paulinho Da Costa Caxixi, Vibra slap
Paquito D'Rivera Clarinet and Alto Sax
Richie Flores Congas
Lázaro Galarraga Lead vocal
Andy Garcia Congas, bongos and Coro
Felicidad Góngara Coro
Nelson González Tres guitar and coro
Humberto "Nenge" Hernández Agogo bell, clave itotele batá drum cowbell
Rolando Laserie Lead vocals and coro
Juanito Márquez Acoustic and coro
Carlos Montiel Coro
Cecilia Noel Coro
Daniel Palacio Coro
Nelson Regueira Márquez Coro
Orestes Vilató Timbales, bongo and other muscians!
Category: Dance Traditions => Descargas/Mambo => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-14476.10 CD $18.98


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