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Azuquita Y Papo Lucca: Los Originales
CD (Fremeaux Entertainment FA 407), Released 1996;
Editor's Pick:
With Camilo ‘Azuquita’ Argumedez and Papo Lucca, you always get welcome surprises. Case in point is Azuquita’s 1975 Vaya release Pura Salsa - a very experimental album and one of my favorites. While this mid-90s release is not as ground-breaking, there are enough fun variations on the Afro-Caribbean musical model to keep the listener interested throughout. There are songs in French, calling to mind Azuquita’s fruitful collaboration with Tito Puente (Ce’ Magnifique from 1981), and also some French Antillean flavors, with one song calling to mind Manu Dibango’s African/Latin/Funk fusions (featuring some nice batá drumming too). The album has an easy, lighthearted approach overall, reminding me of lazy days by the beach and hot nights in San Juan. Tresero Nélson González can be heard in the mix, and Jesús Cannedo plays some nice flute flourishes and unexpected soprano sax. Papo Lucca as usual has a million keyboard sounds going on, and there are some great versions of Azuquita’s earlier hits. Overall an enjoyable set from two very ‘original’ masters.
(Pablo Yglesias, 2008-04-13)
Song titles include:
Mujer Celosa 6:34
El Poeta 5:49
Azuquita Para Bailar 3:20
Na Mio Ho Rengue, Kio 4:13
Le Moustique Amourouse 4:27
Mañana Es Domingo 6:17
Si No Eres Tú 4:14
Paris De Noche 7:32
Paris De Noche (Version Courte) 3:05
Musicians include:
Papo Lucca Piano, sintetizator
Juan "Chu" Pérez Bajo
Kenneth (Monty) Montgomery 1 y 2 trompeta
Domingo (Minguí) Torres Trombon
Antonio (Toñito) Vázquez Trombon
Angel Torres Baritono
Jesus Caunedo Saxofon soprano, flauta
Nélson González Guitara tres
George Padilla Timbales, bongo, chekere, timbales, bata, guiro
Carlos Rodriguez Timbales, bongo, conga, maracas, guiro
Felix Torres Conga; guiro on cut 6
Camilo Azuquita Vocals, maracas
Hector (Pichi) Perez Coros, guiro, maracas
Edwin Rosas Coros
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-15207.10 CD $15.98


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