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Alfredo De La F

CD (Viva / Universal 800450003), Released 2000;
Editor's Pick:
Back in stock! With its unencumbered feel (even a bit of Brazilian flaver is added to the mix) this highly anticipated new release by De La F will not disappoint. De La F, a veteran in the salsa and charanga scene since the sixties, has an ecclectic approach that allows him the freedom to experiment with the essential Afro-Cuban building blocks. His mastery of the violin is evident, but the unusual twists and turns it takes never ceases to surprise. He also plays violas, cellos, congo vocals, piano, and accordian on this record. (BP, 2003-12-22)
Song titles include:
Latin New York (Salsa) 6:23
Asomate A La Ventana (Son Montuno) 4:37
Xiomara (Salsa) 4:45
Somos El Nuevo Milenio (Montuno) 6:02
Sandra Mora (Salsa/Rap) 4:45
Hilda (Danzon) 4:55
Descarga Melao (Descarga) 4:24
Que Manera (Salsa) 4:38
Ge G (Bailalo Si Puedes) (Latin Jazz) 5:00
Mueca (Salsa) 4:40
Batusalsa (Afro Cuban Samba) 4:38
Musicians include:
Alfredo De La F Violins, violas, cellos, congo vocals, piano, accordian
Cesar Correa Piano, accordion
Eduardo "Dudu" Perez Electric bass, baby bass, Brazilian percussion and coro
Rodrigo Rodriguez Timbal, maracas, guiro guira, rap vocals, quinto, vocals on cuts 2,5,7, 11
Luis Aballe Congas, bongo, cowbell,
Nene Vasquez Bongo, cowbell, quinto on cut 1
Leonardo Govin Lead trombone
Don Randolph Trombone
Carmine Pagano Trombone
Elvio Ghigliordini Flute, baritone sax
Ruth Mery Carvajal Coro
Jose Rodriguez Coro
Armando Miranda Coro, lead vocals on cuts 1,3,4,5,10
Carlos Irragorri Tres on cuts 2 and 4
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-18095.10 CD $16.98


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