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Mario Ortiz

Ritmo Y Sabor
CD (Rico Records 907), Released 1985; Re-Issued 2001
Editor's Pick:
**Classics Revisited**
A fantastic swinging arranger and described as "one of the all-time great trumpet players" by his former first trumpeter, the great trumpeter, arranger, composer, producer and bandleader Elías Lopés, Mario Ortiz followed-up his 1984 hit Vamos A Gozar (Rico Records) with another outstanding album, Ritmo Y Sabor. Mario expanded the band from 13 to 15 pieces by adding another vocalist / hand percussionist and a baritone sax to his frontline of alto and tenor saxophone and four trumpets. Anthony Cruz and Primi Cruz again share lead vocals. No filler. Standout cuts for me include "Amor Estudiantil", "Me Quedare Solito" and "Lola". The band really lets loose on the last track with Mario taking a soaring trumpet solo. Very Highly Recommended.

See also:
¡Dejenme Soñar
Algo Diferente
Vamos A Gozar
All have great sound, and are highly recommended. (John Child, 2006-11-28)
Song titles include:
Me Quedare Solito - Canta: Anthony Cruz 4:38
Negra Quiereme - Canta: Primi Cruz 4:06
Caray - Canta: Primi Cruz & Anthony Cruz 4:56
De Ninguna Manera - Canta : Anthony Cruz 4:59
Doña Intranquilidad - Canta: Primi Cruz 4:15
Amor Estudiantil - Canta: Anthony Cruz 4:22
Quintenmelo Que Me Mata - Canta: Primi Cruz 4:39
Lola - Canta: Anthony Cruz 4:03
Musicians include:
Anthony Cruz Canta
Primi Cruz Canta
Gilberto Santa Rosa Coro
Tony Vega Coro
Chico Rivera Coro
Mario Ortiz Trompeta
Mario Ortiz, Jr. Trompeta
Tommy Villariny Trompeta
Heriberto Santiago Trompeta
Ulises Ortiz Saxofon
Hector Rivera Saxofon
Sammy Velez Saxofon
Ruben (Laye) Rivera Bajo
Ramo Sanchez Piano
David Rosado Timbales
Isidro Perez Conga
Miguel Nieto Bongo
Silvio Iglesias, Jr. Maracas, clave y coro
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-18854.10 CD $15.98


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