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Cano Estremera

Opera Ecuajey, Volume One
CD (Combo 2136), Released 2002;
Editor's Pick:
Cano Estremera, one of my favorite salsa singers -- and one of the most talented song stylists working in this music, is back with seven slamming tracks of salsa dura that should be a must-have if you are a DJ looking to beef up your arsenal. In this project, Mr. Estremera interprets some classics by the likes of El Sonero Mayor: Ismael Rivera, and the resulting fiery material is dance-club ready.
However, the addition of the pseudo-educational and, ultimately, annoying between-song commentary by announcer "Mr. Salsa" Elliot Pizarro should have been deleted. Any real information needed to explain these tracks could have easily been included in the liners: I was left wondering if Mr. Pazarro's eight short, yet intruding segments were included to fuzzy the fact that there is little over one-half hour of real music here. (Note: Each song is actually close to a minute shorter than indicated in the liners! What's that about??).
Criticisms of the overall production aside, the material itself is first-class. But Mr. Estremera should really have pushed for more real estate on this one. An hour of music should not be too much to ask. And in the case of Cano Estremera, more is definitely better. (BP, 2002-08-02)
Song titles include:
Mar. Salsa
La Mania De Tu Mujer 5:34
El Negrio De Alabama 5:51
Dolores 5:37
Lejos De Ti 5:13
Lo Que Dijo La Gitana 5:30
Simbad El Marino 5:32
El Telegrama 5:15
Mr. Salsa
Musicians include:
Carlos "El Cano" Estremera Cantante and director; coros
Jose Manuel Lugo Midi room y concepto
Jose "Mania" Gazmey Bajo
Tommy Villarini Trompeta
Jean Duclerc Trompeta
Antonio "Toņito" Vasquez Trombon
Jose "Cheguito" Encarnacion Sax baritono y tenor
Hector "Pichi" Perez Percusion menor y coros
William "Cachiro" Thompson Conga
Angel "Vampiro" Lugo Bongo
Luis "Licensiado" Lugo Timbal
Osvaldo Roman Coro
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-19409.10 CD $15.98


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