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Bobby Valentin

¡En Vivo! 35 Aniversario Vuelve A La Carcel DVD
DVD (Bronco 173 DVD), Released 2003;
Editor's Pick:
Okay folks, you wanted a world-class salsa performance on DVD, right? Look no further. This is by far the best straight-up salsa DVD produced to date.
Here's what I wrote about the 2-CD audio release of this performance some months ago...
"In what may be the best live salsa show in years, Bobby and his crew have returned to the venue that created the classics Va A La Carcel Volumes 1 and 2... the state penitentiary.
Recorded in Penitenciaria Estatal “Oso Blanco” in Rio Piedras PR, Mr. Valentin has discovered the real meaning of a captive audience. Jokes aside, this salsa explosion features special guests musicians Roberto Roena, Papo Lucca, Pedro Guzman and Giovanni Hidalgo.
Did I mention the singers? Let’s see, there’s Rubén Blades, Cheo Feliciano, Luigi Texidor, Marvin Santiago, Charlie Aponte, Wichy Camacho, Josué Rosado, and Héctor Iván Rivera. This all-star performance is reminiscent of the killer Descarga Boricua big band assembled by Fran Ferrer a few years back. Nothing in Puerto Rico has matched the magnitude of that ensemble... until now.
The sound is superlative for a live show, thanks to the excellent engineering by Javier Hernandez and Mr. Valentin. A salsa fanatics must have.
Highly recommended."
Well, now you get to see it just as it happened.
This DVD is Highly Recommended. (BP, 2003-03-09)
Song titles include:
Son 35, Son Cuatro Cuerdas
Aqui No Me Quedo
El Jibarao Y La Naturaleza
El Muñeco De La Ciudad
Jacobo Basura
No Quiero Morirme Todavia
Por El Ojo De La Cerradura
Conversacion En Tiemp De Bolero
La Leonor
Cantare Con Una Orquesta
Ven Rumbero
La Belleza Del Son
El Caiman
Bonus Track
Musicians include:
Bobby Valentin Bajo
Jose Lugo Piano
Angie Machado Trompeta
Jan Duclerc Trompeta
Eliut Cintron Trombon
Angel Torres Alto sax
Samuel Velez Sax baritono
Wilfredo Cruz Miranda Timbal
William "Kachiro" Thompson Conga
Richard Carrasco Bongo
Luisito Carrion Coro
Pichie Perez Coro
Chegui Ramos Coro
Ruben Blades Cantante
Cheo Feliciano Cantante
Luigi Texidor Cantante
Marvin Santiago Cantante
Charlie Aponte Cantante
Wichy Camacho, Josue Rosado, Hector Ivan Rivera Cantante
Other Special Guests: Roberto Roena, Papo Lucca, Giovanni Hidalgo, Pedro Guzman
Category: Dvd => Performance => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-19803.20 DVD $27.98


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