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Andy Duran

Formats & Concepts
Import CD (Andy Duran 33002), Released 2004;
Editor's Pick:
Here's a record that doesn't quite fit. Duran, a composer from Venezuela, has put together a polite album of Latin jazz that works through a bunch of original material along with some TV themes and Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo." There's some funk stuff and, by and large, the music sounds as if it were written for a soundtrack. Well-made, well-played. (Peter Watrous, 2004-03-25)
Song titles include:
Suite Arabeiberoafrocaribeņa 5:39
San Bernardino, 06.50 A.M. 3:34
Barreta's-TV Theme 3:51
Mood Indigo 5:20
Renny-TV Show Theme 4:37
The Untouchables/Crime Doesn't Pay...Neither Does Jazz 4:57
I Dream Of Jeannie/Mi Bella Genio 2:53
Aguardiente 4:21
Que Te Pedi? 4:18
What Happened? 6:09
Mujer Divina 6:44
Cocoita 2:45
Musicians include:
Robinson Ramos Trompeta
Carlos Gomez Saxos alto y soprano
David Gonzalez Jr. Trombon
Alberto Crespo Teclados
Jose "Martadelo" Soto Bajo
Gonzalo Mico Guitar
Daniel Cadiz Timbales
Rafael Gonzalez Congas
Richard Pacheco Bongo, campana y guiro
Jesus Bosque Vibrafono y percusion
Juan Jose Hernandez Voz y cuatro
Andy Duran Arreglista, compositor, director, investigador, y soņador
Artistas Invitados: Euro Zambrano Drums
Jesus Morales Jr. Violines
Alfredo Garcia Cello
Alexis Escobar Flauta
Giovanni Ramirez Rock slapping bass
"The Jazzman" De Carol Montaguetelli Directora
Jorge Salazar, Rafael Barrozzi, Guillermo Caņizares, Johnny Abrueu, Edwin Tenias, Pedro Torrealba Y Fernando Cepeda Coros
Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Voz
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz => Venezuela
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-20403.10 CD $18.98


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