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Don Perignon Y La Orquesta Puertorriqueña

Don Perignon Presenta A La Orquesta Puertorriqueña: 20th Aniversario
Import CD (Envidia 7093), Released 2004;
Editor's Pick:
Salsa -- great, big, breathing, sweaty salsa, is alive and well and living in Guaynabo and Carolina, PR. That's where this powerful argument for the vitality of Puerto Rican salsa was recorded. Released on the Envidia label, known mostly for their growing catalog of Cuba's sidemen, session players, and lesser-known singers, this 20th anniversary celebration of Orquesta Puertoriqueña may, surprisingly, be the salsa release of 2004. Sporting a roster of Who's Who in salsa singers and players, these 11 individual tracks are put forth with such singular force and strength that, for 53 minutes, this listener completely forgot about the sad state of affairs salsa music has been in. Here is close to an hour of undiluted salsa at its purest.
Luisito Carrion, Pedro Brull, Osvaldo Roan, Victor Manuelle, Josue Rosado, Pupi Cantor, Henry Santiago, Miguel Mendez and Andy Montañez, all heavy hitters, each step up and do their job with a professionalism that seems close to being supernatural. The arrangements are smart, and mostly stay clear from cutesy cheap hooks. This is salsa for real salsa listeners and dancers. If your not sure were you stand, check it out. It is a near-perfect rarity.
Pick of the Month.
Very Highly Recommended.
(BP, 2004-03-25)
Song titles include:
Celebrando - Cantan: Todos 5:01
Demuestrame Que Sabes - Canta: Luisito Carrion 4:58
En Mi Despedida - Canta: Osvaldo Roman 4:31
La Familia - Canta: Josue Rosado 4:51
De Boca Hacia Fuera - Canta: Victor Manuelle 4:28
Fue En Santiago - Canta: Pedro Brull 3:47
Inalcanzable - Canta: Pupi Cantor 4:56
Bien, Bien Mejor - Canta: Andy Montanez 4:27
Tumba, Tumbador - Canta: Henry Santiago 4:42
Esa Chica - Canta: Miguel Mendez 4:59
Invitation - Instrumental 5:57
Musicians include:
Angie Machado, Cusie Castillo, Elliot Feijoo, Jorge Torres, Humberto Ramirez, Carlos Martinez, Marcelo Rosario, Jorge Diaz, Toñito Vazquez Trompeta
Jorge Diaz, Toñito Vazqquez, Danny Fuentes, Moises Nogueras, Alberto Caballero Trombones
Luis Marin, Rafael Torres "Bodo", Pedro Bermudez Piano
Pedro Perez, Luis "Jungo" Ortiz, Johnny Torres Bajo
Sammy Garcia, Victor Roke, Charlie Padilla Congas
Miguel Aponte, Antonio Marrero, Victor Serrano Bongo
Sammy Velez, Angel Martinez, Benjamin Vega Sax
Wichi Camacho Vocals, Coro
Don Perignon Timbales, güiro
Josue Rosado, Primi Cruz Coro
Henry Santiago Vocals, Coro
Luisito Carrion Vocals
Osvaldo Roman Vocals
Victor Manuelle Vocals
Pedro Brull Vocals
Pupi Cantor Vocals
Andy Montañez Vocals
Miguel Mendez Vocals
Roberto Roena, Elias Lopez, Raul Rodriguez Special guests
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-20413.10 CD $17.98


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