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Jimmy Delgado

Salsa Con Dulzura
CD (JD Records 61049), Released 2004;
Editor's Pick:
Explosive capital "S" New York style salsa by respected timbalero/percussionist Jimmy Delgado is flush with deep, hot dance grooves. Several of these tracks should be framed and put on a mantle. "Bandera," "Naci Rumbero," and the incredible 8-1/2 minute "Los 4 Timbaleros," with guests timbaleros Miguel Collazo, Nicky Marrrero and Orestes Vilato, are pure gold.
With salsa heavyweights like Bomberito Zarzuela, George Delgado, Andy Gonzalez. Special guests singers Bobby Cruz, Aldaberto Santiago and Ismael Quintana on "Los 4 Timbaleros."
Highly recommended. (BP, 2004-05-24)
Song titles include:
Bandera 6:30
Quiero Bailar 5:54
Ven A Mi 5:03
Estoy Arrependito 4:38
Hoy La Vida 5:03
Naci Rumbero 5:28
Corazon Disgustado 5:29
Ritmo Y Melodia 6:00
Asi Soy Yo 5:27
Gacias Tito 2:51
Los 4 Timbaleros 8:21
Musicians include:
Jimmy Delgado Timbales, bongos, maracas, & guiro
Renzo Padilla Cantante
Andy Gonzalez Bass
Edwin Sanchez Piano
Bomberito Zarzuela Trumpet
Reynaldo Jorge Trombone
Ozzie Melendez Trombone
George Delgado Congas
Julio Salgado Coro
Lucho Cueto Piano
Ite Jerez Trumpet
Richie Viruet Solo trumpet on cuts 2,3, & 8
Steve Gluzband Trumpet solo on cut 6
Raul Agraz Trumpet on cut 2
Bobby Cruz Cantan on cut 11
Ismael Quintana Cantan on cut 11
Adalberto Santiago Cantan on cut 11
Miguel Collazo Timbalero on cut 11
Nicky Marrero Timbalero on cut 11
Orestes Vilato Timbalero on cut 11
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-20559.10 CD $17.98


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