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Jimmy Bosch

El Avión De La Salsa
CD (JRGR Records JRGR 12), Released 2004;
Produced by Jimmy Bosch & Angel Fernández
Editor's Pick:
It has been five years since Jimmy Bosch's highly acclaimed Salsa Dura, so one can say that El Avión De La Salsa has been five years in the making. And this well produced hard salsa CD, which features a who's who of musicians and singers, does sound like it was crafted, over time, with both passion and intelligence.
More focused than his previous releases, El Avión is a dancers dream, with hard driving rhythms that keep the partying going track after track. The opening title, "El Avión De La Salsa," is sure to be a dance club hit. Bosch, who composed all of the tracks here, has his perfectionist's touch all over this production.
And, although he brings in some top drawer singers -- Ray De La Paz, Herman Olivera, Willie Torres, and Marco Bermudez, it is the remarkably polished newcomer, Rey Bayona, that Bosch has sing most of the material here. Bosch met him in a local New York club a few years ago and he has been with him since. This boy is good, folks. On "Vengo A Cantar" all of the singers take a turn, Fania-style, and Bayona holds his own alongside the heavy-hitters.
Also with special guests Yomo Toro, George Delgado, Marc Quiñones, Bobby Allende, Alfredo De La Fé, Oscar Hernandez, Andy Gonzalez and Dave Valentin.
Yes, it has been five years since Mr. Bosch's last release. Listen to El Avión De La Salsa and you will agree it has been way too long.
DJ Alert.
Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2004-09-09)
Song titles include:
El Avión De La Salsa 5:08
Barreras Ninguna 5:31
El Embajador 6:46
Vengo A Cantar 7:17
Medicina No! 4:52
Que Bonito Es Soñar 5:20
Mamá Y Papá 4:31
Mi Cuerpo Tiemba 5:04
Que Alivio 5:50
Cocosito 4:51
Llego La Hora 5:04
Musicians include:
Jimmy Bosch Trombone
Dan Reagan Trombone
Edwin Sanchez Piano
Abiúd Troche, Andy Gonzalez, Héctor Máximo Rodriguez Bass
Yomo Toro Cuatro
Alfredo De La Fé Violin
Dave Valentin, Mauricio Smith Jr. Flute
Mitch Frohman Baritone sax, Flute
Jeff Lederer Tenor sax
Carl Corwin Baritone sax
Raúl Agraz, Pete Nater, Steve Gluzband Trumpet
Bobby Allende, Eric Velez, George Delgado Congas
Pedro Pocholo Segundo Bongos
Ray Colon, Bobby Allende, George Delgado Bongos, bell
Luisito Quintero Bell, maracas, guiro, clave
Marc Quiñones, Luisito Quintero, Pablo Chino Nuñez Timbales
Roberto Cepeda Pandereta, guicharo
Rey Viera, Willie Torres, Marco Bermudez, Herman Olivera, Ray De La Paz, Gabriel Bosch, Jimmy Bosh Coro
Juan Rey Bayóna Lead vocals
Ray De La Paz, Herman Olivera, Willie Torres, Marco Bermudez Lead vocals
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-20783.10 CD $16.98


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