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Dorance Lorza & Sexteto Café

Salsa Pa' Ti
Import CD (Candela 002), Released 2004;
Editor's Pick:
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Now here’s one made especially for the dancers -- a terrific new release by vibraphonist Dorance Lorza, who comes to us from Calí by way of the UK. In the style of, say, Joe Cuba or Son Boricua, Mr. Lorza decided to forgo the metal section in lieu of the inviting, seductive grooves of the vibe. And it works perfectly. If you have any doubts about how hard a vibes based band can rock, you shouldn’t. Listen to to the smoking Louie Ramirez signature “El Titere,” with Alberto Gutierrez just about setting his timbales ablaze.
Zero filler here, folks, just 100% pure dance salsa. There’s a maturity and intelligence that is woven into the fabric of these arrangements. Even the fuzz-toned electric guitar (Hugo Elizade) on “Salsa Pa’ Ti” is dished with perfect moderation. The concise solos taken by Mr. Gutierrez, and then by bongocero Julio Alarcon are framed with elegance and sophistication.
Mr. Lorza states in his liners that he purposefully kept solos down to a minimum so as not to interfere with the dancers. Salsa Pa’ Tí is so damned well considered and conceived that you would think that it was brought down from a mountain by some bizarre sect of salsa monks. The instrumentation and vocals are that well balanced here. And speaking of vocals, they are superbly furnished by by Fernando Alvares who has a near Rubén Blades moment on “Sabroso.”
An eventual classic. A must-have.
Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2014-06-28)
Song titles include:
Mango Manque
El Titere
La Runidera
Salsa Pa'Ti
El Negro Bembon
El Barquillero
Yo No Tengo Amigos
Musicians include:
Dorance Lorza Lider and vibrafono
Anna Gillespie Piano
Elpidio Caicedo Bass
Armando Rivas Conga, cow bell, maracas
Jorge Posada, Alberto Gutierrez Timbal
Julio Alarcon Bongo, cow bell
Fernando Alvares Lead vocal
Alfonzo De Jesus, Lizandro Zapata Coro
Hugo Elizalde Electric guitar
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Colombia
Shipping Value: 1
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