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Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal

Buena Vista Social Club Presents Manuel Guajiro Mirabal
CD (Nonesuch 79810), Released 2004;
Editor's Pick:
Just as you thought the franchise had burned itself out, artistically and commercially here comes a record from the group's trumpet player Manuel “Guajiro” Mirabal of all things that makes good on all the promise of the concept. Going back to the same mine as the last several Buena Vista discs, the record calls on the talents of Cachaito Lopez, Amadito Valdés, and Roberto Fonseca, and they take on two tunes by Arsenio Rodriguez along with some other classics.
Now what is it exactly that puts the recording ahead of the last 142 son recordings from Cuba, you might ask? It's the album's sound, and the live sense of the recording. It sounds real, as if you were in Santiago, or Havana, standing at the front of the stage, smoke twisting through the music, and spilled rum making the floor sticky. Mirabal isn't Freddie Hubbard, but he's brilliant in his own way, scratching out perfect melodies against the ceiling of the club. And the band chugs along, vibrantly, pushing against the confines of normalcy, moving towards release. I listen to the album over and over, it sounds like something handmade, something you'd like to be a part of, a long way from small money productions pretending to be big money, or big money productions. It sounds good.
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2004-12-29)
Song titles include:
El Rincón Caliente 4:46
Para Bailar El Montuno 4:17
Dueda 5:22
El Reloj De Pastora 3:49
Me Bote De Guano 4:24
Mi Corazon No Tiene Quien Lo Llore 3:16
Tengo Que Olvidarte 4:37
Canta Montero 4:12
Chicharronero 4:09
No Vuelvo A Morón/Las Tres Marias/Apurrunenme Mujeres Medley 5:03
Dombe Dombe 2:16
Musicians include:
Manuel 'Guajiro' Mirabal Trumpet
Luis Alemany Conde Trumpet
Alejandro Pichardo Trumpet
Roberto Fonseca Piano
Papi Oviedo Tres
Manuel Galban Guitar
Orlando 'Cachaito' Lopez Bass
Miguel 'Anga' Diaz Congas
Carlos Gonzalez Bongos
Amadito Valdes Timbales
Enrique Lazaga Guiro
Alberto 'Virgilio' Valdes Maracas
Carlos M. Calunga Lead vocals en 1,2,5,6,9,10
Ibrahim Ferrer Lead vocals en 3
Pepe Maza Duet vocals en 3,7
Demetrio Muñiz Duet vocals en 7
Diego Ramon Palacio Lead vocals en 4
Aldo Del Rio Lead vocals en 8
Tirso Oriol Duarte Lescay Lead and duet vocals en 10
Ruben Many Other Musicians! Piano en 11
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-20979.10 CD $18.98


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