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Los Van Van

Import CD (Unicornio 8026), Released 2005;
Editor's Pick:
Yeah, it’s good. Even with the departure of Pedro Calvo and Pupy, the band sounds good, and big. As usual, the topic’s religion, and the base of the group is in the thump and detail in Samuel Formell’s drumming. And there’s the ever-present sound of violins and trombones. The piano seat’s taken over by Roberto Rodriguez, who does a fine job, and one of the group’s newer singers, Yenisel Valdes, who if I’m not totally spaced out, sang with NG La Banda, is a serious improviser, capable of stretching out for half an hour on a tune. Mayito Rivera is also on hand, and another other new singer, Abdel Rasalps, sounds like Pedro Calvo, which is ok; once the group settles into a groove, one has to give up the fact that the mighty band sounds unstoppable, and that Chapeando is a classic. The Formell harmony is all intact, the melodies, too. Pupy and his band have taken over Havana with their new sound, but I’d bet that Chapeando fields some hits. Ain’t nothing like this.
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2005-03-27)
Song titles include:
Chapeando 5:14
Corazón 4:40
Después 6:06
No Pidas Mis Presta'o 4:13
Por Qué No Te Enamoras 4:38
Te Recordaraemos
Anda Ven Y Quiéreme 5:43
Nada 5:00
La Buena 6:00
Agua 5:41
Ven, Ven, Ven 5:57
El Montuno 6:53
Chapeando (reprise) 1:35
Musicians include:
Juan Formell Director musical y bajo
Samuel Formell Drums, timbales y campanas
Mario "Mayito" Rivera Voz solista y coros
Roberto Hernandez "Guayacan" Voz solista, coros y congas
Yenisel Valdés "Jenny" Voz solista y coros
Abdel Rasalps "Lele" Voz solista y coros
Hugo Morejón Diseño de los mambos, trombón y órgano
Roberto Carlos Rodriguez "Cucurucho" Piano
Jorge Leliebre Flauta y coros
Boris Luna Teclado
Alvaro Collado Trombón
Edmundo Pina Trombón y pads
Pedro Fajardo Violin
Irving Frontela Violin, viola y dirección sección de cuerdas
Pavel Molina Bajo
Julio Noroña Guiro
Manuel Labarrera Congas
Artistas Invitados: Angel Bonne (Coros); Pedro Cárdenas (Violoncello); Ricardo Labrada (Violin); Elmer Ferrer (Guitarra); Alexander Rodriguez (Trompeta)
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa Cubana => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-21103.10 CD $18.98


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