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Pedro Brull

CD (Envidia/Caminaldo Discos 6345/1004), Released 2005;
Produced by Gilberto Santa Rosa
Editor's Pick:
Like the Ismael Miranda’s recent cd Edicíon Especial, Brull’s Pronósticos is produced by Gilberto Santa Rosa, and on the basis of these two discs, let’s vote Santa Rosa the producer of the year. Because, although Brull is a good enough singer — and bit operatic for my taste — the whole deal swings so beautifully, the arrangements so clever and useful, that I want to listen the record over and over. Check out the liberty the arrangements give to the bassist Johnny Torres, who puts on a workshop on baby bass work. The idea here is classicism: perfect salsa from Puerto Rico, untouched by modern Cuban influence, or rap; instead the music modernizes the sound, making everything more gleaming, more streamlined. It’s gorgeous music.
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2005-05-23)
Song titles include:
El Malo De La Pelicula 4:55
Nada 4:21
Esperando Que Vuelvas 5:01
Todo Lo Haria Por Ti 4:56
Pronósticos 4:15
Señora Tristeza 4:36
Tiempo No Corras 4:39
Asi Gordito Me Quieren 4:45
Musicians include:
Pedro Brull Cantante
Charlie Sierra Timbal, güro
Jimmy Morales Congas
Pablito Cymbal Padin Bongo, cajón, clave
Johnny Torres Baby bass
José Lugo Piano
Jan Duclerc Lead trumpet
Tommy Villariny Trumpet
Toñito Vázquez, Jorge Diaz Trombone
Jesús Caunedo Baritone sax, flute, clarinet
Willie Torres Coro
Victor Manuelle Coro
Gilberto Santa Rosa Coro
Edwin Colón Zayas Cuatro
Jochy Rodriguez Trumpet solo
Angel Torres Flute, bass clarinet
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-21218.10 CD $17.98


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