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Chino Espinoza

Los Dueños Del Son - Pura Vida
CD (Dimelo 9043), Released 2005;
Editor's Pick:
If your looking for that perfect party dance salsa CD, look no further. Singer Espinoza has created a supercharged high energy salsa blast that will guarantee to keep the dancers on their feet. The fiery tempo is set with the opening track "Pura Vida" and continues throughout this fresh testament to salsa explosiva. In fact, the energy runs so high on Pura Vida that the sensibility seems almost salsa Colombiana. And for the dance club, that is a very good thing. Listen to the dynamite-packed "Flauta y Trombon" with a fire-extinguisher nearby. This monster will cause any nearby objects to spontaneously combust.
For the old-schoolers there is a well done Héctor Lavoe medley (Espinoza does a pretty convincing Lavoe). And for the new-schoolers there's a bonus reggaeton remix track of the infectious "Yeah! (Como Goza Mi Morena)."
DJ Alert. Highly Recommended. (BP, 2005-07-05)
Song titles include:
Pura Vida
Salsa De La Ma Buena
Yeah! (Como Goza Mi Morena)
Hector Lavoe Medley (La Murga, Ah Ah Oh No, Che Che Colé, Calle Luna Calle Sol, El Cantante, Periodico Del Ayer, Mi Gente)
Flauta Y Trombone
Asi Fue
Mi Viejo
Dale Duro
Costa Rica Medley
Pa' Que Afinque
Ultima Llamada (Last Call For Alcohol)
Yeah! (Como Goza Mi Morena) - Version Reggaeton
Musicians include:
Hector Manuel Rivera Piano, arrangements
George Lopez Bajo
Samuel Pérez Vocal
Jose "Cheo" Cintron (Gumby) Reggaeton remix
Fran "Cuco" Martinez Bajo
Roberto Inceli Sax
Rigoberto Lopez Bajo
Serafin Aguilar Trompetas
Humberto Ruiz Trombon
Denis Jiron Trombon
Juan Carlos Boza Coro
Jimmy Vidaurry Coro
Henry Cabrera Percusion
Angel Rodriguez Percusion
Ben McIntosh Trombon
Nat McIntosh Trombon
Tom Whaley Trombon
Jake Patrick Espinoza Coro
Cesar Espinoza Timbal
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-21289.10 CD $17.98


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