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Bobby Matos

CD (Lifeforce Jazz 1043), Released 2005;
Editor's Pick:
Veteran conguero-timbalero Bobby Matos returns with a hard-driving, highly percussive project that features compositions by him as well as some by John Coltrane ("A Love Supreme," Tunji," and "Equinox"). There is no fluff here: it's deep, mature material arranged and performed by a someone who is clearly vested in the traditions of both jazz and Latin. Matos has been around the block, and he good at articulating the nuances within a composition. So when he handles a piece like Coltrane's "Tunji" the depth and emotion is there. Kudos to his fine band with Frank Fontaine Jr. on sax, trumpeter Elliott Caine, Danny Weinstein on trombone and violin, bassist John B. Williams and Theo Saunders on piano.
Acknowledgement is on my list for one of the best Latin jazz records of 2005.
With guest Andy Harlow on flute.
Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 08/17/05)

It’s like stepping into an intelligent, knowing world, listening to a Bobby Matos record. This one, featuring a handful of later John Coltrane compositions, along with pieces by Matos, is Latin jazz at its best. Performed by a swinging group—Denise Cook does a piece of poetry—that navigates the descargas beautifully, the music radiates literacy. And the musicians more than do justice to “A Love Supreme.”
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2005-08-21)
Song titles include:
Manhattan Mozambique 3:42
Cuando Baila Ramon 4:19
Song For Jud 4:36
A Love Supreme - Acknowledgement 8:27
Motivos De Jazz 3:14
Songoro 3:30
Tunji 7:27
Chango's Jazz 6:40
Soy Lucumi 3:12
Evelyn 5:46
Equinox 8:14
Chango's Charanga 4:05
Drum Dance 1:31
Musicians include:
Frank Fontaine Jr. Baritone sax, tenor sax, and flute
Danny Weinstein Trombone, violin and viola
Theo Saunders Piano
Eliseo Borrero Bass
Robertito Melendez Quinto, bell
Jud Matos Guiro, bell chekere, clave
Bobby Matos Congas, timbales, guiro, coros
Elliott Caine Trumpet
Rogelio Mitchell Coros
Denise Cook Vocals
Andy Harlow Flute
John B. Williams Bass
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-21332.10 CD $17.98


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