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Eddie Torres

Eddie Torres Teaches Salsa Nightclub Style - 2 DVD Set
DVD (E&E ON 2 ETDVD001), Released 2005;
Editor's Pick:
In celebration of its ten years as the premier salsa dance instructional, Eddie Torres Teaches Salsa Nightclub Style has just been released as a 2-DVD set. As one of salsa's first professionally produced dance instructionals, this package created quite a stir when originally released on video in 1995. Now, a decade later, this much sought after learning tool is made even better with its availability in convenient, crisp, DVD form.
This 2 DVD set will equip you with all of the necessary elements to help turn you in to the dancer you always wanted to be. Eddie and his crew of top-notch dancers reveal all the secrets of his award winning dancing technique. Mr. Torres is an articulate, enthusiastic, and nuanced teacher who exudes style.
On these DVDs the couples demonstrate their moves together, and afterward the ladies and mens parts are detailed separately. There is, thankfully, a picture-within-a-picture close-up of the dancer's feet that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Eddie Torres' technique is well thought out, and scripted here — with the help of producer Tony Shor — with a directness that makes it seem simple. The featured dancers are Janice Bruno, Argelio Diaz, Glenda Heffer, Angel Ortiz, Mati Portes, Delille Thomas, Eddie Torres, and Deplessey-Monic Walker.
This production features instructional music by Oscar Hernández (with Eddie Montalvo on congas), and the second DVD concludes with a sizzling performance as Eddie and his troupe dance to the explosive sounds of Tito Puente ("Fiesta A La King" and "Mambo Gozon") in a simulated dance club setting.
Eddie Torres Teaches Salsa Nightclub Style is still the instructional set against which all others are measured. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer and just want to brush up on your style, this one, folks, is a must-have. [NTSC All zones]
Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2005-08-22)
We have become aware that there are unauthorized "pirated" DVDs of this title being offered elsewhere. Be warned that those are low quality boot-legged knock-offs. Don't get ripped-off! is the sole source of the Original Eddie Torres Teaches Salsa Nightclub Style DVD set. If you are offered it elsewhere, don't be fooled!
Category: Instructional => Dance Instruction
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-21351.20 DVD $32.98


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