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Roberto Delgado

Import CD (Envidia 6350), Released 2006;
Editor's Pick:
Wow, the Panamanian singer comes out with some deep swing. What a great salsa release, in the groove, straight-up salsa; the opening tune starts out with some beautifully dense harmonies from the piano. And-there's even a piano solo. He's a good sonero, with a grave, thick voice, and I can't help but think that he'd be a good band to hear some weekend in Panama City. The coros are fine, too, with melodies you want to hear over and over. Unpretentious and effective, and hell, he calls out Juan Formell on one track.
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2006-02-15)
Song titles include:
Mariana Soba 4:15
Con Esta Orquesta (opening) 4:16
Cómo Se Cura Una Herida? 4:07
Aventura 4:36
Ciclo 4:20
Quisiera 4:30
El Milagro Del Amor 4:22
Algo Contigo 4:58
Llévatela 4:32
Aprovecha Pollo 4:14
Fiel Amiga 4:23
Musicians include:
Roberto Delgado Bajo - Cantante en 1,2,5,8,y 11; teclados en 1,3, y 8, duo en 9, coros
Juan Berna Piano
Ray Cruz Timbales, bongo, guiro, guira y percusion menor
Samuel Vallejos Maracas en 3,45,6,7,9 y 10
Raul "Toto" Rivera Maracas en 1,2,8 y 11; bongo y campana en 1
Juan Carlos "Wichy" Lopez Trompetas en 3,4,5,9, y 11; solo en 9, primera trompeta en 1,2, 5,9, y 11, y 2ª; trompeta en 11
Ricardo Marrero Primera trompeta en 7; 2ª trompeta en 2
Francisco Delevecchio Trombones
Eduardo Secrest Solo de trombon en 5
Alain Rios Teclado en 2
Jose Porte Cantante en 4,7, 10 y 11
Henry Gorgona Cantante en 3,6,9, y 11; coros, soneos
Martin Charles Coros
Grimaldo Muñoz 2ª trompeta en 1
Idigoras Bethancourt 2º trombon en 1
Ellis Newman Tercer trombon en 1
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-21612.10 CD $17.98


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