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Grupo X

Food For Your Latin Soul
Import CD (Loft 0002), Released 2006;
Editor's Pick:
Formed in 1996 by trombonist/composer Jonny Enright, UK-based Grupo X fuse the hard-edged sound of '60s and '70s Latin New York with contemporary British urban soul to create Latin soul for the 21st century. Over the years the band have supported the West Coast-based percussionists Johnny Blas, Bobby Matos and Jack "Mr Bongo" Costanzo, Cuban pianist Alfredo Rodríguez, vibes legend Dave Pike, and salsa dura's trombonist-in-chief Jimmy Bosch, who described the band as "totally kick ass"; truly an endorsement of their world-class calibre. Grupo X are at the top of their game on Food For Your Latin Soul, the much-anticipated follow-up to their highly rated debut album X-Posure (Loft Recordings, 2001). Packed full of 11 original compositions, one of highlights for me is "Que Suene La Banda", co-penned by Jonny and the track's lead vocalist Carlos Peña. Taking the lion's share of lead vocals is UK house star Lisa Millett, whose compelling voice puts the soul into the Latin soul. Co-writer of seven cuts is the band's timbalero Jimmy Le Messurier, a bandleader in his own right (check out his 2002 CD Salsa Feeling by Jimmy Le M & La Clave Londres on International).
Add Grupo X's tasty fare to your Latin diet.
Highly recommended. (John Child, 2006-03-28)
Song titles include:
Get Through To You
This Must Be The Place
Que Suene La Banda
Spare Ribs
You Qualify
J's Joint
Let's Get Connected
For A Life
Quijada, Cajon, Y Cencerro
Musicians include:
Jonny Enright Trombone, backing vocals, hammond organ (track 3) ARP solina strings (7&10)
Trevor Mires Trombone (tracks 1,2,3,5,7,9,10), solos (2nd on track 3 and track 7)
Finn Peters Alto/Tenor saxes, flute moog (track 3)
Jimmy Le Messurier Timbales, drums, cajon, bata, congas (tracks 4,6,11), quinto solo (8), bell, guiro quijada, keyboards (11), lead vocals (11) backing vocals
Pete Eckford Congas, bongos , misc. Percussion an effects
Simon Edwards Bass, marimbula, mondocello and hammond organ (track 11), backing vocals (1)
Olly Drew Guitars, backing vocals (track 1)
John Crawford Piano & wurlitzer piano
Carlos Pena Lead & backing vocals (tracks 3 and 8), bell (3,5, and 8), guiro and maracas (1,3,5,8)
Lisa Millett Lead vocals (tracks 1,2,4,6,7,10
Julie-Ann Gillett Smith Violin (tracks 1 & 6)
Janina Kopinska Viola (tracks 1 & 6)
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa International
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-21682.10 CD $16.98


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