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Andy Montañez

Salsatón - Salsa Con Reggaeton (w/ Daddy Yankee, Voltio, Cheka, N'Klabe Etc.)
CD (Univision 40007), Released 2006;
Editor's Pick:
I approached this one with more than a bit of trepidation, not really knowing what to expect. So, you can guess how happy I was to hear that Salsatón was actually, at its core, a powerhouse salsa number with some added reggaetón muscle, and not a diluted effort to appeal to the idea of a hip hop demographic. Not that I do not like reggaetón — I do, but so much of recent salsa releases include one track with a reggaetón break that it has become a nearly predictable element. And these breaks often seem included as an afterthought that didn't *really* need to be there. Back to this CD. First off, half of Salsatón is pure explosive salsa [no reggaetón at all] brought to you by one of the genre's treasures. Montañez ranks right up there with Oscar D'Leon and Gilberto Santa Rosa as one of the music's most talented singers — and also one of the most recognizable. Produced by Sergio George — who knows how to build a fire — Salsatón's straight-up salsa numbers like "Yo No Quiero Que Seas Celosa" are some of the hottest you'll hear this year. And the reggaetón infused tracks like "Café Colao" (featuring Crooked Stilo) have the feel that they were built from the ground up, not simply a cut and paste. It's all fresh and waiting to be played at a fine dance club near you. DJ Alert.
Highly Recommended. (BP, 2006-04-26)
Song titles include:
Se Le Ve (Feat. Daddy Yankee)
Tan Bella (Feat. Cheka)
En Mi Puertorro (Feat Voltio)
Con Fuego (Feat. John Eric)
Sacude La Mata
Cuando No Es Juan, Es Juana
Pareca Lluvia
Salsatón (Feat John Eric Y La Sister)
Yo No Quiero Que Seas Celosa
Café Colao (Feat. Crooked Stilo)
Musicians include:
Sergio George Piano, keyboards
Ramón Sanchez Keyboards
Dante Vargas Trumpets
Juan Jose Quiñones Trumpets
Alberto Barros Trombones
Jorge Diaz Trombone
Antonio Vazquez Trombone
Andy Montañez Vocals, coro
Guianki "Yanko" Gomez Coro
Kevin Ceballo Coro
N'Klabe Coro
Robert Vilera Timbales
Richard Bravo Congas, bongo
Sammy Garcia Congas
Douglas Guevara Congas, bongo, minor percussion, timbales
Charlie Sierra Timbales, bongo
Alex Duque Bass
Pedro Perez Bass
Sal Cuevas Bass
Daddy Yankee, Voltio, Cheka, John Eric, Little Sister, N'Klabe Vocals, coro
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-21736.10 CD $15.98


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