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Directamente Al Mambo
CD (Ahi-Nama 1050), Released 2006;
Editor's Pick:
Finally here: Mamborama's long awaited third release. Their previously CD, Entre La Habana Y El Yuma (2003), was a huge hit, mixing up Cuban timba, salsa and jazzy dance numbers. Directamente Al Mambo continues in this vein, and raises the bar for its intensity, swing and soul. These guys are pumped. Leader and pianist Bill Wolfer composed the music and much of the lyrics, but he also collaborated heavily with Sixto Llorente on a good number of tracks here. Wolfer's most definitely an individual who likes to play with the tools he has, pushing — changing, but not entirely breaking the form: smoldering timba. Note his synthesized fuzz tone guitar riff on "La Mentirosa." It works. His dizzying keyboard work on "Señorita Pajarita" tangles with El Tosco's flutework in just the right way, pulling you in smiling the whole time. Surprise touches abound on Directamente. The band itself is known to change shape with each release, and on this one Wolfer hired some heavy hitters. On it you'll find Los Van Van's Roberto Hernandez "Robertón," Tony Calá, José Luis Cortés "El Tosco"(NG La banda), Cubanito 20.02 checks in, Carlos Manuel "Kalunga," Alexi Sanchez "El Nene," José Goméz "Pepito," Feliciano Arango, Alexander Abreu, David Bencomo, Amaury Pérez and others. The result is a fresh, invigorating and inviting Cuban music experience that will shake up your preconceptions of Cuban salsa. Way to go.
Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2006-08-03)
Song titles include:
Mi Bailarina 4:18
Puro Y Temba 4:36
Las Cubanas, Qué Lindas Son 5:21
La Mentirosa 3:37
Taca Toco 4:12
Señorita Pajarita 4:15
No Mereces La Pena 4:17
Directamente Al Mambo 3:25
Baila Conmigo 4:27
Yo Con Mi Jolongo 4:07
Ave Maria, Por Dios 3:16
Musicians include:
Bill Wolfer Piano, synthesizer, keyboard
Carlos Manuel Kalunga Lead vocals
Javier Durán Webb "El Doctor" & Hanier Gonzalez Martinez "Flipper" (Cubanito 20.02) Rap
Roberto Hernandez "Robertón" (Los Van Van) Lead locals
Alexei Sanchez Mesa "El Nene" Lead vocals
Tony Calá Lead vocals
Roicel Riverón Drums, timbales
Evelio Ramos Congas, campana
Jorge Luis Guerra Güiro
Sixto Llorente "El Indio" Coro
David Bencomo Flute, Coro
José Gómez "Pepito" Lead vocals, Coro
Robin Martinez Galvez, Alexander Abreu Trumpets
Amaury Pérez Trombones
Feliciano Arango, Roberto Vazquez Ley "El Chino", Reinier Irrizarrri "El Negrón" Bass
Jose Luis Cortés "El Tosco" Flute
Silverio Luis Suares "Pasito" Spoken voice
Nicolas Gastán Hernandez "Pascado" Violins
Category: Salsa/Son => Timba => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-21979.10 CD $16.98


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