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La Sonora Ponceña

50 Aniversario En Vivo Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez De Bayamón - DVD & CD Set
DVD (Pianissimo 31326), Released 2007;
Editor's Pick:
Just in! DVD & CD package of the legendary Sonora Ponceña's 50th anniversary concert at the jam-packed Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez de Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Recorded in February 2004, this is a well-produced multi-camera presentation featuring the Ponceña big band led by maestro Papo Lucca. Singer Héctor "Pichie" Pérez opens the show with a full-torque rendition of "Ecue Baroni" that should not be missed. Pérez is joined by singers Danny Davila, Fernando "Wito" Colón, Edwin Rosas and, finally, Luisito Carrion - who's the guest singer on "Yare". The show includes some pretty impressive on-stage salsa dancing by a young troupe, as well as some very special appearances by bassist, Bobby Valentin, trumpeter Luis "Luisito" Aquino and pianist Lenny Prieto who solos on "Piano Salsero" — a track dedicated to Papo Lucca.
Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2007-04-27)
Song titles include:
Ecue Baroni
La Clave
Vas Por Ahi
Como Mango
Piano Salsero (Dedicado A Papo Lucca)
Tumba La Cana Jibarito
Jubileo 50
Medley (Sigo Pensando En Ti/Cancion
Musicians include:
Enrique "Papo" Lucca Piano, sintetizador, solo en "Yare", "Piano Salsero", y "Como Mango"
Alexander "Cano" Rosa Baby bass
Delfin Perez Trompeta
Alfredo Del Valle Solo trompeta en "La Clave"
Mario Marcucci Trompeta
Wilfredo "Willito" Lopez Congas
Domingo "Tito" Gutierrez Bongo
Luis Manuel "Manolito" Rodriguez Timbales
Jessie Colon Timbales
Hector "Pichie" Perez Cantante
Daniel "Danny" Davila Cantante
Edwin Rosas Cantante
Fernando "Wito" Colon Cantante
Cantante Invitado: Luisito Carrion Cantante en "Yare"
Flautista Invitado: Gerardo Hernandez Cortes Solo en "La Clave"
Bajista Invitado: Bobby Valentin Bajo en "Como Mango"
Trompetista Invitado: Luis "Luisito" Aquino Trompeta en "La Clave" y "Yare"
Pianista Invitado: Lenny Prieto Solo en "Piano Salsero"
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-22382.20 DVD $34.98


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