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Issac Delgado Y Su Grupo

En Primera Plana
CD (Univision/Universal 30044), Released 2007;
Produced by Sergio George
Editor's Pick:
Delgado, one of the Caribbean’s great singers, one of the great singers of the 20th century, the Frank Sinatra of salsa and leader of one of the great bands of his time, has moved to Florida, and the first thing he’s done is record a classic salsa album that if all is well in the world, will give him a great career here for the rest of his natural life. Because there’s nothing like his singing, his sense of swing, his rhythmic assuredness, his melodic invention; it’s all so casual, laden with sensuality. The first track has Delgado singing with Victor Manuelle, and it’s a track that could go on for twenty minutes, their trading is so inspired. Delgado and Sergio George produced the record, with help from Alain Pérez, the bassist and arranger who was so integral to the success of what’s considered one of the great timba bands of all time, Delgado’s band from ’97.
But this music isn’t timba, it’s salsa with great coros, perfect tempos, and a pile of great singing from Delgado; I’d argue that En Primera Plana is his best album yet. And there are guests, including Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Giovanni Hidalgo, the rapper Fragancia and Cachao. Luis Quintero handles much of the percussion, and Pérez plays the bass on most tracks; it’s all touched by dance music perfection. Check out the breaks on "Sone/La Campana", with break after break, and thick, full coros rocking the place. Or the mambo on "Vengo Veneoso", which breaks into a rumba, Delgado’s voice shifting subtly, moving into the environment of the rumba for a second or two. There’s even a tres on a track or two (one track’s a changui); on Paquito Va, the piece explodes in the glories of a huge coro and the same sized horn section, working over George’s specialty the caballo rhythm.
Delgado could have gone in 14 different directions for this new album. He easily could have made a pop album, or a folk-ish album for the Anglo NPR market, or pandered to the reggaeton market. Instead he’s made a hard salsa album, an album for Latin audiences, one aimed at the radio, with an immense honesty, plus a bunch of dignity. And let me tell you, the proof of the music’s power is simple: I reach for the music whenever I want to hear something. It’s in the cd player all the time, all day and all night.
Highly Recommended, a major work by a major figure. (Peter Watrous, 2007-05-29)
Song titles include:
La Mujer Que Más Te Duele (feat. Victor Manuelle) 4:38
Medley (Necesito Una Amiga / Qué Te Pasa Loco / La Fórmula) 6:40
Soñé / La Campaña (feat. Fragancia) 4:29
Cemento, Ladrillo Y Arena 6:19
Vengo Venenoso 4:31
Paquito Va 4:02
En Primera Plana 4:08
De 2 A 3 3:15
Deja Esa Gente 4:04
Como Se Toca, Se Baila 5:07
Musicians include:
Sergio George Piano
Issac Delgado Jr. Piano, coro
Alain Perez Baby bass, bass, timbales, bongos
Dennys Savon Congas
Luis Quintero Congas, timbales, bongos
Dante Vargas Trompetas
Alberto Barros Sax
Felipe Lamoglia Sax
Javier Olivencia Sax
Ahmed Barroso Jr. Tres
Guianko Gomez Coro, voz
Kevin Ceballo Coro
Invited Guests: Victor Manuelle Vocals
Israel "Cachao" Lopez Bass
Gonzalo Rubalcaba Piano
Giovanni Hidalgo Congas
Michael Mossman Trumpet
Osmani Paredes Piano
Fragancia Rapper
Category: Salsa/Son => Timba => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-22443.10 CD $16.98


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