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Irosso Obbá

Santa Palabra
Import CD (Envidia 7182), Released 2007;
Editor's Pick:
We might be in a golden era of rumba and Santeria recordings; they’re everywhere, and always good, with hardly any tampering. The best thing that could be done is to record the music well, documentary style, and that’s what we have here, a rumba recording from a group that’s located on Hamel Street in Havana, one of the music’s more famous addresses. The group sounds young and energetic, with nicely dense coros; the leader and lead singer Jorge Enrique Salazar sings with precision. He writes good tunes, too, and he and the group work through "Santa Palabra," the NG La Banda classic. I could use the tunes lasting longer, but most of them clock in at 5 or more minutes; still, this stuff could last all night it’s so good.
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2007-07-16)
Song titles include:
Chismoso 2:37
A Romper El Coco 4:04
Santa Palabra 5:43
Cuba Linda 8:34
Yo No Quiero Que Seas Celosa 3:49
Honey 5:59
La Guagua 3:51
La Apretadora 5:24
Columbia 5:50
Yerberito 3:44
Si Tu Quieres Bailar 6:42
Tema Irosso Obbá 2:14
Musicians include:
Jorge Salazar Voz
Jorge Luis Suazo Voz
Michael Suazo Percusión
Jorge Armando De Armas Percusión
Derlis Zulueta Percusión
Osniel Martínez Percusión
Gabriel Torres Percusión
Category: Folkloric => Rumba And/Or Santeria/Lucumi => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-22503.10 CD $17.98


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