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Marc Anthony

El Cantante: Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture
CD (Sony Norte 711824), Released 2007;
Produced by Sergio George
Editor's Pick:
Yes, the movie is just around the corner and Lavoe-mania — or at least the marketing — intensifies. Here are inspired interpretations of classic Héctor Lavoe material for the upcoming, highly anticipated, film of Lavoe's life staring Marc Anthony and Jennifer López. Produced by Sergio George (also on piano here), the music features heavy hitters like Rauz Agraz, Marc Quiñones, Bobby Allende, Reynaldo Jorge and Luis Quintero. Mr. Anthony did his homework, and does a highly credible job here, straddling the difficult line between interpretation and imitation. On the whole, he is victorious: the music is highly satisfying, with enough subtlety and nuance that make it very much worth the while. Very finely produced by Sergio George: lavish, but not over-the-top. Also participating are some legends that performed with Lavoe on the original tracks: Jose Mangual Jr., Milton Cardona and Yomo Toro. Includes the bonus track "Toma de Mi": a previous unreleased song written by Julio Reyes Copello and Nelly Furtado and sung by Jennifer López.
Highly Recommended. (BP, 2007-07-22)
Song titles include:
El Cantante
Mi Gente
Che Che Colé
El Dia De Suerte
Que Lio
Quitate Tu
Todo Tiene Su Final
Toma De Mi
Musicians include:
Marc Anthony Voz
Jose Mangual, Milton Cardona, Tito Allen, William Duval Additonal voices
Sergio George Piano
Jose Tabares Bajo
Luis Quintero Timbales
Marc Quiñones Timbales
Bobby Allende Congas
Ray Colon Bongos and bell
Raulo Agraz Trumpets
Ozie Melendez Trombone
Reynaldo Jorge Trombone
Yomo Toro Cuatro
Laura Seaton, Peter Winograd, Wen Qian, Myung Hi Kim, Duoming Ba, Katherine Fong, Suzanne Ornstein, Sarah O'Boyle, Minyoung Chang, Jenny Strenger, Sein Ryu Violins
Robert Rinehart Violas
Dann Panner Violas
Elizabeth Dyson Cello
Sarah Seiver Cello
Gene Moye Cello
Jennifer López Vocals on "Toma De Mi"
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-22550.10 CD $15.98


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