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The Latin Giants Of Jazz

Trip To Mamboland
Import CD (Gigante Records 2007), Released 2007;
Editor's Pick:
The Latin Giants, with core members from the Tito Puente orchestra, deliver big band mambo muscle on their second release. The project bubbles over with the dense, rich history of jazzy Latin big-band dance orchestras like those of Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez and Chico O'Farril. Leader José Madera (timbales) does a pretty remarkable job channeling the colossal Puente energy into these compositions by Ray Santos, Justi Barretto, Rosendo Ruiz Jr., Marcelina Guerra and El Rey himself. Followers of this band will recall that Ray De La Paz sang on their previous release (The Latin Giants Play The Music Of The Palladium - Tito Lives, 2004), but it's Frankie Vázquez who's up front on Trip to Mamboland. Vázquez is joined by other luminaries like pianist Sonny Bravo, trumpeters Raul Agraz and Pete Nater, trombonists Sam Burtis and Reynaldo Jorge, conguero George Delgado, sax players Bobby Porcelli and Mitch Frohman and many, many others. Randy Brecker shows up for "Alex Mambo," and, gratefully, the final soprano sax solo from the late Mario Rivera is documented here as well. There are some truly outstanding tracks here, like Jorge Zamora's "No Me Molesto," and "Guaguancó Del Pueblo Nuevo" (Horacio de la Lastra), but it's Gil Fuller and Frank Grillo (Machito) who seem to crystallize the raison d'être of The Latin Giants with their composition "Mambo Is Here to Say." Say's it all, don't it?
Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2007-10-01)
Song titles include:
Cuero Na' Ma 5:21
Mientras Yo Viva 4:20
No Me Molesto 5:56
Trip O Mamboland 4:47
Chao Chao 5:30
Mambo Is Here To Stay 3:06
My Best Friends 5:32
Everything Happens To Me :36
Guaguanco Del Pueblo Nuevo 4:22
Flamenco Mood 5:29
Alex Mambo 5:36
En Frania 4:26
Mitchito's Boogaloo 5:55
Musicians include:
Raul Agraz Trumpet
John Walsh Trumpet
Pete Nater Trumpet
Richie Viruet Trumpet
Sam Burtis Trombone
Reynaldo Jorge Trombone
Joe Fieldler Trombone
Noah Bless Trombone
Bobby Porcelli Sax
Todd Bashore Sax
Mitch Frohman, Mario Rivera Sax
Peter Brainin, Pete Miranda Sax
George Delgado Congas
Sonny Bravo Piano
Gerardo Madera Bass
John Rodriguez Jr. Bongo y percussion
Jose Madera Timbales, musical director and conductor
Frankie Vazquez Vocals
Cita Rodriguez, Willie Ruiz, Willie Martinez, Willie Torres Replaces Willie Martinez On Tracks 1, 9 & 12
Randy Brecker Performs on "Alex Mambo"
Category: Dance Traditions => Big Band Mambo Jazz
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-22684.10 CD $16.98


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