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Puerto Rican Power

Salsa Of The Caribbean
CD (Musical Productions 574682), Released 2007;
Editor's Pick:
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New big, bright and splashy salsa release from Puerto Rican Power. These guys create stadium-size sounding records whose tracks have infectious hooks and relentless rhythm. Listen to the explosive "Esa Mujer," the Pedro Jesús Díaz composition as sung by Javier Marrero. It's a tremendous steel-tank number that would be a sure thing in the hands of any smart DJ. Also, take a good listen to "Gotita a Gota" (Jorge Luis Piloto) — this one begs to be played loud. Featuring arrangements from Julio "Gunda" Merced, Alberto Barros, Carlos Torres and others, Salsa of The Caribbean is fronted by the singers Josue Rosado, Javier Marrero, Javier Marrero, and Wilfredo "Kitin" Santiago. Led by the talented trumpter Luisito Ayala, the band also boasts timbalero Tommy Oscar Villariny, trumpeter Angie Machado, pianist Jaime "Jimmy" Collazo and coroistas Nino Segarra, Primi Cruz, Luisito Carrion, Jose "Chegui" Ramos, Osvaldo Roman, Josue Rosado and Darvel Garcia. If there's such a thing as arena salsa, it would be best typified by the likes of El Gran Combo and Puerto Rican Power.
Highly Recommended. (BP, 2013-03-14)
Song titles include:
Dame Tus Besos 3:23
Esa Mujer 4:16
Dime, Dame Todo 3:23
No Te Puedo Olvidar 4:03
Gotita A Tota 5:19
Enseñame 4:53
Voy A Lograr Que Te Enamores 4:15
Ella Tiene 4:08
Musicians include:
Luisito Ayala Director & trompeta
Josue Rosado Cantante
Javier Marrero Cantante
Wilfredo "Kitin" Santiago Cantante
Jorge "Wisin" Pantojas Trompeta
Gamalier Gonzalez Trombon
Carlos "Cuto" Soto Trombon
Juan "Junito" Rivera Congas
Braulio Ayala Bongo, percusion menor
Tommy Oscar Villariny Timbal
Jaime "Jimmy" Collazo Piano
Alex "Apollo" Ayala Bajo
Musicos Invitados: Luisito Aquino Trompeta
Angie Machado Trompeta
Roberto Perez Jr. Bajo
Pedrito Perez Bajo
Ricki Martinez Acordeon
Jesus Alonso Trompeta
Nino Segarra, Primi Cruz, Luisito Carrion, Jose "Chegui" Ramos, Osvaldo Roman, Josue Rosado, Darvel Garcia Coro
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-22808.10 CD $12.98


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