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Lucho Macedo

50 Aniversario De La Sonora
Import CD (Lucho 63142), Released 2007;
Editor's Pick:
Pianist Lucho Macedo is the grand daddy of Peruvian mambo/salsa. His Sonora was based on La Sonora Matancera, and as such, it had a bright, crisp sound that featured trumpets prominently, as well as both male and female vocalists (Manolo Castro, Johnny Arce, and Lina Pancha). It was also a ‘covers’ band if you will, replicating many of the Latin hits of the day (50s & 60s) for Peruvian dancers in Lima. That said, Macedo was a fabulous pianist, and his band, kind of an Alegre All-Stars studio band of sorts for MAG Records, had seminal players like Coco Lagos, Mario Alison, Tito Chicoma, Melcochita, Nilo Espinosa, etc. In addition, Macedo’s arrangements were fresh, and some of his choices of material are entertaining (his arrangement for mon Rivera’s “Lluvia Con Nieve”), or downright startling (check out “Ven A Mi Casa” – a wacky jump-blues-meets-guaracha cover of Rosemary Clooney’s Italian-American novelty pastiche, “Come On-A My House”). This collection, which seems to be the best of his M.A.G. material, also includes a marathon 12 minute ‘mosaico’ of guarachas that is great fun. His version of “Ramona” reminds me of Cortijo’s Combo, and there is a really cool, bouncy version of “Acuyuye” as a pachanga that features Macedo on some kind of electric keyboard. Who said Peru had no sabor y salsa in the 60s? For more of this tropical Peruvian madness, check out the MAG All Stars: The Best Peruvian Orchestras Of The 50's & 60's, and the excellent compilation series ¡Gózalo! (Vols. 1 &2) from Vampisoul Records. Highly Recommended. (Pablo Yglesias, 2011-11-18)
Song titles include:
Tumba La Caña
El Bikini Amarillo
Tocare Pachanga
Descarga Sonora
Lluvia Con Nieve
Quiero Amanecer
Adan Y Eva
Ave Maria Lola
Besito De Coco
Ven Pa Mi Casa
La Boa
Mambo Borracho
Moliendo Cafe
Mosacio De Guarachas
Nunca En Domingo
A Bailar Pachanga
Charanga En Nueva York
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Peru
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-22836.10 CD $14.98


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