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Juan Kemell Y La Barriada

Havananza - CD & DVD Set
Import DVD (Egrem 900), Released 2008;
Editor's Pick:
***Best of 2008 Editors Pick Award***
Another double disc, cd/dvd extravaganza from Egrem, and this one has non-stop driving music from one of the better working bands in Havana. Kemellís band has the energy of the best timba orchestras, leavened with salsa, and it swings heavily. The singer, Yury Tejeda, can really rock, and the coros, constantly changing, make each piece epic. The band sings about Havana, girls and whatever else, and the arrangements are pretty nearly dance floor genius, with the singing constantly talking back to the coros, and the rhythm section charging forward, unstoppable. Jenny Valdes, who has sung with Van Van and Ng La Banda, joins the band also. This is the best Cuba can offer, with no apologies, or excuses, or missteps, and itís hard to believe that a better recording will show up with urban Cuban dance music.
The dvd is filmed in the same space as the performances by Pedrito Calvo, with the same excellent production values and the same weird audience, and the same unbelievable grace on the part of the musicians. These things are strange artifacts, but man, thereís nothing like this music, and itís filmed beautifully. Again, I canít imagine anything better showing up this year.
Highly recommended.
(Peter Watrous, 2008-01-31)
Song titles include:
CD Audio: Pide Tu 4:15
Planchao 4:52
Buena Suerte Y Despedida 4:52
Conveincete 4:18
Espuelas De Gallo Viejo 4:35
Dudas 4:43
De Mal En Peor 5:02
Leccion De La Vida 4:14
Fiesta 4:02
Sigue Con La Rumba 4:12
DVD: Temas En Vivo: Sigue Con La Rumba
Espuchas De Gallo Viejo
Video Clips
Bajame La Musica 3:50
Havananza 5:13
Que Mas Se Puede Pedir 4:00
Contiene Ademas: Tras Bambalinas (Making Off)
Entre Amigos (Conversacion En Tre Manolito Simonet, Ricardo Leyva Y Juan Kemell)
Galeria De Fotos
Musicians include:
CD De Audio: Yury Tejeda Vocal y coros
Julio A. Reyes Vocal, coros y percusion menor
Idalmis Sanchez Vocal y coros
Ernesto Tomas Hernandez Piano, teclado
Norberto Espineira Bass
Rodolfo Valera Del Monte Congas, bongo y miscelaneas
Carlos Valdes Bazante Drums y timbal
Lazaro A. Oviedo Trompeta prima
Juan Kemell Barrera Trompeta, vocal, coros, fliscorno
Antonio Garcia Saxo tenor, baritono
Adrain Elizarde Trombones
Invitados: Jenny Valdes Vocal
Julio Montoro Guitarras y programacion
Rafael Duany Coros y vocal en 'Convencete'
Category: Dvd => Timba => Cuba
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-22847.20 DVD $19.98


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