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Los Angeles De La Habana

24 Kilates CD & DVD Set
Import CD (Egrem 915), Released 2008;
Editor's Pick:
Wow, more timba from Havana, and this one’s a mix of Charanga Habanera and let’s say Paulito. It has a boy band thing going on, like Charanga, and some of the melodies are out of their school of timba, and clearly there’s an attempt to get the El Boni vibe. The singers do a bit of falsetto singing like in Charanga, and owe a bit to Paulito. While there’s a bit of pop overlay here (castanets, the dreaded acoustic guitar), when things start to swing, watch out, there’s a heavy dance impulse that makes you wonder what the band would sound like live stretching the tunes out for half an hour. Funny you should ask: included is a DVD, with sort of live performances, showing off how the band moves, with tons of choreography, and dancing and uh, dancing. The rhythm section, including the bass, knows how to bang, and behind the pop stuff there’s that Cuban rhythm section genius.
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2008-05-12)
Song titles include:
La Habana Se Esta Mudando 4:46
A La Viceversa 4:57
La Maquinita 4:42
Kilates 4:26
Un Amor De Verdad 4:28 4:19
La Vida Es... 4:39
Quitate 3:54
Vivir Para Ver 3:27
Amantes De La Vida 4:03
El Deporte Nacional 4:52
Saca Tu Mal 4:35
Mano Pa' Rriba 3:36
Category: Salsa/Son => Timba => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-23033.10 CD $18.98

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