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Orquesta Miramar

Volviendo A Las Raices... La Música De Ramón Rodríguez
CD (Afinque/Lamiramar/OM 0801), Released 2008;
Editor's Pick:
Some recordings tell you everything in the first few notes; they’re blessed with perfection. Volviendo a las Raices is one of those, in that from the get go it flashes a deadly swing combined with great melodies and fine coro singing, and by the time the album ends you want to keep it in the car with you, and turn it up. Based in Puerto Rico, and run by the composer and producer Ramon Rodriguez, who wrote all the material, the band features some of the best musicians in Puerto Rico, including a brass and reed section that includes Piro Rodriguez, Angie Machado, Rafi Torres and Angel Torres, along with a rhythm section that features Eric Figueroa on piano, Alfredo Llop, Charlie Sierra and Tato Gonzalez on percussion with Johnny Torres on bass. And in between the ferociously cool dance music, people actually improvise, with fine trumpet and piano solos. The horn section, built around the traditional Puerto Rican baritone saxophone, is thick and wonderfully heavy, another element of the wildly complicated interaction between horns, coros, lead singers, and various parts of the rhythm section. This is dance music, Puerto Rican style, at its best, and there’s nothing like it, no fishing in the waters of pop or reggaeton, no ballads, just house rocking salsa, with a swing that makes you want to live the music.
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2008-06-23)
Song titles include:
La Miramar 4:27
La Piquiña 4:14
Sientate 4:35
Como Te Quedo El Ojo 4:34
La Mala Racha 4:06
El Bobo 3:46
Que No Se Vaya 3:51
No Puedo Prometer Nada 3:50
Ella 4:08
Tengo Que Llegarle 4:24
Musicians include:
David "Piro" Rodriguez Trompetas
Angel "Angie" Machado Trompetas
Rafael "Rafi" Torres Trombon
Angel Torres Baritono sax
Johnny Torres Bajo
Eric Figueroa Piano
Alfredo Llop Congas
Charlie Sierra Bongo
William "Tato" Gonzalez Timbales
Norberto "El Indio" Rodriguez Cantante
Ramon Rodriguez Coros
Osvaldo Roman & Henry Santiago Segunda voces en "Como Te Quedo El Ojo"
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-23125.10 CD $15.98


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