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Grupo Cubano De Música Moderna

Orquesta Cubana De Música Moderna
Import CD (Malanga Music 810), Released 1969; Re-Issued 2008
Editor's Pick:
Kitsch lovers rejoice: Latin music with corny keyboards!!! Hot damn. The orchestra, founded by the Cuban government in 1967, started out as a good idea — bring together the best musicians on the island to play jazz, pop and rock in a Cuban style. Check out the musicians: Chucho Valdes, Arturo Sandoval, Paquito D’Rivera, Cachaito Lopez, Juan Pablo Torres, Enrique Pla, Guillermo Barretto, El Guajiro Mirabal. But. In the history of music, there has never been a group that so seriously dismisses its talent. The music here is soundtrack perfection, with little or no improvisation, and it’s fine for what it is, but it’s hard not to imagine what might have been; lot of heartbroken musicians on that gig. Big heads up for those people who need Latin kitsch for films.
[Two original albums: Cuba, Qué Linda Es Cuba (1969) and Orquestra Cubana de Música Moderna, Vol III (1970)] (Peter Watrous, 2008-06-23)
Song titles include:
Cuba, Qué Linda Ed Cuba 2:41
Y Tú Qué Has Hecho 3:41
El Niche 3:59
Me Siento Libre 3:13
La Comparsa 3:13
La Era Está Pariendo Un Corazón 4:09
Ay, Mama Inés 3:49
Te Vas A Casar 3:01
El Ñame Con Bacalo 4:35
De Mi Recurdos 2:47
La Perlas De Tu Boca 3:05
Con La Mano Extendida 3:07
Modo Cubano 2:59
Son De La Loma 4:11
Tema De Un Africano 2:53
Lagrimas Negras 3:15
Recordando El Blues 6:31
Almendra 4:41
Bufón 3:07
Porque Ya No Estás 4:13
Pastilla De Menta 5:15
Musicians include:
Chucho Valdés Piano and organ
Orlando "Cachaito" López, Carlos Del Puerto Bass
Enrique Plá, Guillermo Barreto Drums
Carlos Emilio Morales Electric guitar
Arturo Sandoval Trumpets
Luis Escalante Trumpets
Leonardo Timor Trumpets
Andrés Castro Trumpets
Jorge Varona Trumpets
Manuel "El Guajiro" Mirabal Trumpets
Adalberto "Trompetica" Lara Trumpets
Modesto Echarte Trombones
Leopoldo "Pucho" Escalante Trombones
Luis Otamuro Trombones
Antonio Linares Trombones
Antonio Leal Trombones
Juan Pablo Torres Trombones
Paquito D'Rivera, Jesús "El Chino Lam, Julian Fellove, Braulio Hernandez, Rolando Sanchez Saxophones
Luis Aragú Timpani
Oscar Valdes Jr., Roberto Garcia, Oscar Valdés Campos Percussion
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-23130.10 CD $22.98


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