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Amaury Pérez

Aguas Revisitadas 1979/2007 - 2 CD Plus DVD Package
Import CD (Colibri 089), Released 2008;
Editor's Pick:
Amaury Pérez is an important “cancionísta” (singer-songwriter) of the 70s generation of Cuban artists that came to be known as Nueva Trova. Like his equally famous compatriots Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés, Pérez concentrates on poetic lyrics and sings in an earnest emotional quaver, supported by music somewhere between rock and ballad, with touches of jazz and jazz-fusion, plus some Cuban percussion, or echoes of older styles like trova, filín, and bolero. This package includes a remastered reissue of Amaury’s famous influential 1979 album “Aguas,” with a second disc of reinterpretations by various invited artists like Omara Portuondo, and a DVD with a documentary, photos and more. The original “Aguas” was arranged by Ricardo “Edito” Edy Martínez, who’s own albums are now sought after collectors items because of their strange fusion of rock, disco-funk, synthesizer electronics, and Afro-Cuban sabor. And like Edito’s own albums, the original “Aguas” is drenched in dated synthesizer burbles and washes, and is a bit hard to take unless you are feeling nostalgic. Amaury’s songs, unlike Edito’s, are not in any way funky or particularly related to forms like salsa, timba, or son, though – nothing Afro-Cuban here, at least sonically speaking. The second disc, of contemporary interpretations of Amaury’s songs, rocks a little bit harder and sounds a bit more fresh, but the quavery vocals and synths are still there.
Highly Recommended. (Pablo Yglesias, 2008-07-23)
Song titles include:
CD 1 (Aguas - 1979): No Lo Van A Impedir
Yo Tengo Un Amigo
Cuando No Estes Con El/Adonde El Agua
A Que Te Olvide
CD 2 (Aguas Revistidas - 2007): Yo Tego Un Amigo
No Lo Van A Impedir
El Vino Triste
Hacerte Venir
Cuando No Estes Con El
Adonde El Agua
Dame El Otoño
Olvidame Muchacha
A Que Te Olvide
Bonus Tracks: Vuela Pena Y Acuerdate De Abril
DVD: Documental Aguas Revisitadas, De Angel Alderete, Galeria De Fotos, Entrevista Con Amaury Perez
Musicians include:
Ricardo E. Martinez Piano, teclados y guitarras electricas
Jorge Reyes Bajo electrico y contrabajo
Ignacio Reyes Bajo electrico y contrabajo
Ignacio Berroa Drums
Manuel Valera Saxo y flauta
Rolando Luna Piano
Esteban Puebla Teclados
Yoandry Hernandez Guitarras electricas y acusticos
Roberto Riveron Bajo electrico y contrabajo
Oliver Valdes Drums y percusiones
Juan Manuel Ceruto Saxo tenor y flauta
Amaury Perez Idea y direccion general
Musicos Invitados: Jose M. Vitier Piano en 'El vino triste'
Ernan Lopez Nussa Piano en 'Soneto'
Emilo Morales Piano en 'Vuela pena'
Lucia Huergo Soprano en 'Olvidame muchacha'
Category: Pop/Other => Pop Latin => Cuba
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-23181.10 CD $27.98


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