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Tabaco Y Sus Metales

Grandes Exitos
Import CD (DR 456539), Re-Issued 2008
Editor's Pick:
***Best of 2008 Editors Pick Award***
By now most of us en el Norte are up on our vintage Colombian salsa, though some of the harder to find albums remain un-reissued to date. The situation is far worse for classic '60s and '70s Venezuelan salsa, which is a shame because Caracas really was the cradle of South American salsa at a certain point, as many scholars and DJs will attest. Thankfully several CD releases are available now to give us a hint of this lesser known history, and Carlos “Tabaco” Quintana y Sus Metales is a very worthy figure for study, and central to the Venezuelan story of salsa. Collectors, DJs, and South American specialists may already know of Tabaco and his work with the seminal Sexteto Juventud, not to mention his fabulous work as a leader in the '70s and '80s, but it bears repeating here that he was a highly talented vocalist, timbalero, and composer, and should be recognized as a figure of major importance. His warm, playful, smoky voice will remind you of Ismael Rivera; indeed, Tabaco loved Maelo’s sound, and the two did perform together once; Tabaco was working on a tribute when he succumbed to cancer in 1995. Carlos “Tabaco” Quintana (b. 1943) was of the streets, and composed and/or interpreted classic message tunes that told of the struggles of the people – “La Cárcel,” “Mi Calvario,” “Una Sola Bandera,” and “Mi Pueblo” come to mind. This CD collects some of the best of his mid-70s through 80s work, and though the sound quality varies, every track is a gem, from funky son montuno to hard as nails trombone driven salsa brava workouts. There is also a very beautiful rendition of “Nostalgia” as a tango, and a humorous track that references Saturday Night Fever (“Travoltera”). Tabaco can also sing boleros beautifully, which puts one in mind of that other genius timbalero vocalist, Tito Rodriguez.
Highly Recommended. (Pablo Yglesias, 2008-11-05)
Song titles include:
Todo El Mundo Escucha
Celda De Castigo
Mi Pueblo
El Vals De Papa
Yo Soy Sonero
Palito Tingue
Ni Poco Ni Demasiado
La Travoltera
Tabaco Con Metales
Mi Burrito
Ponte En Ritmo
Canto Divino
Una Solo Bandera
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Venezuela
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-23245.10 CD $17.98


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