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Alberto Barros

Mano A Mano: El Titan De La Salsa CD & DVD Set
DVD (Talent Beach 400119), Released 2008;
Editor's Pick:
***Best of 2008 Editors Pick Award***
The multi-talented Alberto Barros has a lot of “juice” on the salsa scene – you can tell by who his rather impressive friends are – Oscar D’Leon, Cali Alemán, Wilson Manyoma, La India, Issac Delgadpo, Lalo Rodríguez, “El Canario,” Gabino Pampini, Sergio George, Giovanny Hidalgo, “Perico” Ortiz, Alfredo De La Fé, Luisito Quintero, Diego Galé, Jimmy Bosch, and Sal Cuavas, to mention just a few. This is a high powered, teflon coated South American turbo-powered salsa affair, and if you know your Grupo Niche and Sonora Carruseles, this will fit right in with your typical Colombian instant dancefloor recipe for success. The first three staight up salsa dura tracks that introduce us to the album. The concept for the rest of the tracks is pitting one classic song against another in a “v.s.” medley style, which can work wonders in the clubs. Overall a good DJ album and kind of slick. Recommended. (Pablo Yglesias, 2008-12-15)
Song titles include:
Cargamento Colombiano
Ahora Me Toca A Mi
Reunion De Los Grandes De La Salsa
Titico Vs. La Negra No Quiere
Me Amas Y Me Dejas Vs. Te Amo, Te Extraño
Dime Que Paso Vs. Sobre Las Olas
Una Aventura Vs. Escombros
La Comay Vs. Juanita E
Pegaito Vs. Los Charcos
No Soy Un Juego Vs. Embrullo De Amor Vs. Caleño
Musicians include:
Cali Alemán, Charlie Cardona, Tommy Ruiz Vocalistas
Wilson Manyoma, Carlos Brito, Juan Carlos Coronel Vocalistas
Nelson Morales, Joseito Martinez, Harold Pelaez Vocalistas
Alvaro Granobles, Saulo Sanchez, Moncho Santana Vocalistas
Hermes Manyoma, Francia Elena, Adriana Chamorro Vocalistas
Diana Vargas, Marlon Betancur, Luis Alberto Flores, Andy Caicedo Vocalistas
Oscar De Leon, India, Issac Delgado Vocalistas
Lalo Rodriguez, Jose Alberto "El Canario" Vocalistas
Willie Garcia, Gabino Pampini Vocalistas
Musicians & Guests: Giovanni Hidaldo Congas
Sergio George, Milton Salcedo Piano
Luis "Perico" Ortiz, José Aguirre Trumpet
Alfredo De La Fe Violin
Luisito Quintero Timbales
Diego Gale, Douglas Guevarra Bongo, percussion
Jimmy Bosch, Alberto Barros Trombone
Salvador Cuevas, Alex Duque Bass
Rayner Fernandez Maracas, güiro
...and others
Category: Dvd => Salsa/Son
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-23366.20 DVD $16.98


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