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El Gran Combo

Salsa: Un Homenaje A El Gran Combo DVD
DVD (Banco Popular/Selecto-Hits BPEGC2010), Released 2010;
Editor's Pick:
Ok, folks, get ready for some major salsa! This production, backed by Banco Popular, is, as the title indicates, a tribute to the iconic mega salsa band; Puerto Rico's own El Gran Combo. The band itself is present, performing shining interpretations of their signature tracks like Achilipú and A Mí Me Gusta Mi Pueblo, but the truly cool stuff here is the interpretations of their material by the likes of Domingo Quiñones, Ismael Miranda, José Alberto "El Canario," La India, Tito Rojas, Issac Delgado, Michael Stuart, Luisito Carrion, Willie Colón, NG2, Carolina La O and others. Wow. You heard right, folks, the royal carpet was rolled out for this project, and some of these tracks are slammin'. Now it's this stuff, directed by Isidro Infante, that offers unexpected moments of pure salsa greatness.
Highly Recommended.

“With this new production, we pay a well-deserved tribute to the University of Salsa, which is what this iconic group is called. Our mission is to bring joy through music. It’s not a documentary, but it is a project that shows this Salsa institution and the many who appreciate them doing what they love the most, playing music,” said Richard L. Carrión, president and Chief Executive Officer of Popular. This new musical offering showcases artists such as Edgar Daniel, NG-2, Carolina La O, La India, Willie Colón, Domingo Quiñones, Issac Delgado, Luisito Carrión, Tito Rojas, Michael Stuart, José Alberto “El Canario,” the Symphony Orchestra from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music featuring Roselín Pabón, and El Gran Combo, among others. Isidro Infante was in charge of the music production..." (BP, 2010-12-06)
Song titles include:
Que Me Lo Den En Vida - El Gran Combo 5:09
Inspiración - Domingo Quiñones 0:28
Ojos Chinos - Ismael Miranda 3:40
Jala Jala - José Alberto "El Canario" 1:35
Alegría Y Paz - Tito Rojas 3:09
Inspiración - Issac Delgado 0:53
Caballo Pelotero - El Gran Combo 4:54
Un Verano En Nueva York - La India 5:14
Boricua Como El Gran Combo - Domingo Quiñones 1:35
Inspiración - Michael Stuart 0:42
La Salsa De Hoy - NG2 3:35
Goyito Sabater - Sammy Garcia Y El Sabor De Puerto Rico 3:48
Mujer Celosa - Isaac Delgado 4:26
Inspiración - Almas Band 0:38
Nido De Amor - Michael Stuart 4:39
Brujería - Luisito Carrion 3:17
Achilipú - El Gran Combo 4:43
Inspiración - Domingo Quiñones 0:32
Desenfunda El Cuatro - Willie Colón 3:15
El Menú - NGR, Edgar Daniel, Carolina La O 4:21
A Mí Me Gusta Mi Pueblo - El Gran Combo 4:48
Musicians include:
Domingo Quiñones, Ismael Miranda, José Alberto "El Canario," La India, Tito Rojas, Issac Delgado, Michael Stuart, Luisito Carrion, Willie Colón, NG2, Carolina La O and others Cantantes
Isidro Infante Piano, musical director
Jose Tabares, Pedro Perez, Johnny Torres, Jr. Bajo
Nelson Jaime "Gazú", Elias Lopez, Piro Rodriguez, Angie Machado, Jaime Rivera Trompetas
Anthony Crespo, Jr. Cuatro
Luisito Quintero, Carlos Padron Congas, timbales, bongos, tambora, percusion menor
Pablo Santaella, Eliut Cintrón, Raymond Velazquez, John Davila Trombon
Ivan Rentas, Angel Torres, Roberto Calderon Saxes
Sammy Garcia Congas
Tito De Gracia, Danny Hernandez Timbales
Carlos Sierra, Luisier Rivera Bongos y campanas
Hector Camacho Coro
Darvel Garcia Coro
Primi Cruz Coro
Jesus Pérez Piano
Orquesta Sinfónica Del Conservatorio De Musica De Puerto Rico
El Gran Combo: Rafael Ithier, Charlie Aponte, Jerry Rivas, Luis "Papo" Rivera, Willie Sotelo, Richie Bastar, Domoingo "Cuqui" Santos, Freddy Rivera, Eddie Perez, Freddie Miranda ...and others!
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-24152.20 DVD $15.98


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