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From Mambo To Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale DVD
DVD (MVD Visual 747859), Released 2009;
Editor's Pick:
What a cool DVD documentary... a fascinating look at the evolution of musical culture in the South Bronx as it evolved from mambo to salsa, as well as the birth of hip hop. Tons of special guests and amazing archive footage. A Latin music collector's must have. Very Highly Recommended. - BP

The South Bronx: The young generation knows it as the place where hip hop was born. An older generation remembers the time when this turf nurtured the hot New York Latin music sound that came to be known as salsa. From Mambo to Hip Hop: A Bronx Tale is an hour-long documentary that tells a story about the creative life of the South Bronx, beginning with the Puerto Rican migration and the adoption of Cuban rhythms to create the New York salsa sound; continuing with the fires that destroyed the neighborhood but not the creative spirit of its people; chronicling the rise of hip hop from the ashes; and ending with reflections on the power of the neighborhood's music to ensure the survival of several generations of its residents, and, in the process, take the world's pop culture by storm.

FEATURING: Angel Rodríguez, Benny Bonilla, Bobby Sanabria, Bom 5, Carlos "Charlie Chase" Mandes, Clemente "Kid Freeze" Moreno, Curtis "Caz" Brown, David Gonzalez, Mr. and Mrs. Salsa, Eddie Palmieri, Emma Rodríguez, Jean Manuel Massenya, Louis Mercado, Luis "Trace" Otero, Luis "Track II" Mateo, Luis Chalusian, Orlando Marín, "Popmaster Fabel" Pabón, Ray Barretto, Sandra María Esteves, Tony "Peanuts" Aubert, Willie Colón and also Featuring Rock Steady Crew and Dynamic Rockers

Bonus Features:
Extra interviews with: Mike Amadeo, Joe Conzo Sr., Marta Moreno Vega, DJ Hess, Paula Grillo, Jo-Jo Torres, Orlando Marin, Pebblee Poo, and outtakes of featured artists.
56 minutes. (DR, 2011-01-10)
Category: Dvd => Documentary
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-24176.20 DVD $19.98


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