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Alberto Barros

Mis Favoritas - Lo Mejor de La Salsa DVD & CD
Import DVD (Sony Music 9300132), Released 2010;
Editor's Pick:
This is a repackaged release of "Tributo A La Salsa Colombiana," so if you already have that one, don't get this one. But if you don't aready have it ...get it!
Review: If you had any doubts about Colombia being the new epicenter of salsa, the DVD-CD combo Tributo A La Salsa Colombiana will be sure to set you straight. The power and intensity of a grand-scale production has been concentrated to accommodate a smaller venue, and the resulting effect is that you feel like you are part of the dynamics of this show. And, man, what a show. Barros, one of the most sought after arranger-bandleader-trombonists in salsa, has brought together a top notch group of musicians to interpret the most memorable hits of Guayacán, Joe Arroyo, Grupo Niche, Los Titanes, Fruko y Sus Tesos, Los Carruseles, Grupo Gale and La Misma Gente. And he's got most of the original singers of these hits as to boot. To get a sense of scale, here's a partial list of participating singers: Charlie Cardona, Moncho Santana, John Lozano, Wilson Saoco, Cali Aleman, Gabino Pampini, Raquel Zozaya, Saulo Sanchez, Tommy Ruiz, Andy Caidedo and Diego Moran who, for my money, deserves superstardom. This large man has a voice that's larger than life. Listen to him rock the house on "Rebelión" and "Pa'l Bailador" a few of the many highlights here. Other red-hot tracks to watch out for are "La Palomita," "Oiga, Mire, Vea," "Basto Un Mirada," and "Ganas." It's a relentlessly sizzling party, folks, complete with gorgeous young non-stop dancers who exude pure heart-stopping salsa sexiness.
Barros is in top form here, and his improvisations are from the soul and never seem extend past their welcome. Like all Alberto Barros projects I have seen and heard, this one is of extremely high quality. The sound engineering, editing and photography are all top drawer. Barros chose to end the show with "Homenaje Salsa Del Mundo," breaking beyond the show's Colombian thematic structure to give thanks to some of the best salsa regardless of geographic origin. In this medley of "Quimbara," "Idilio," "El Cantante," "Un Verano En New York" and more, all of the singers took turns, Fania All Star style, to turn the crowd, and this viewer, into something pretty close to a euphoric state.
Tributo a La Salsa Colombiana is a hands-down salsa must-have, and one of the most enjoyable straight-ahead salsa DVDs of the year.
Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2011-03-21)
Song titles include:
Tributo A La Salsa Colombiana: Medley: Cali, Pachanguero, La Rebelion, Oiga Mire Vea, Micaela, Mi Vecina, Tan Buena
La Palomita
Medley Fruko: El Preso-Cachondea
La Rebelion
Por Reternerte
Oiga, Mire, Vea
Ay Amor
Pa'l Bailador
Han Cogido La Cosa
Basto Una Mirada
Bonus Track: Homenaje Salsa De Mundo (Quimbara, Idilio, Conciencia, Yo No Se Lo Que Es Vivir Sin Ella, Un Veano En New York, El Cantante, Mi Gente
Musicians include:
Alberto Barros Trombon, Piano y coros
Dante Vargas Trompetas
Alex Duque Bajo
Douglas Guevara Timbales, congas, bongos y campanas
Rayner Maracas y guiro
Willie Panama Rap en "La Palomita"
Charlie Cardona, Moncho Santana, Jhon Lozano, Wilson Saoko, Saulo Sanchez, Cali Aleman, Gabino Pampini, Tommy Ruiz, Daniel Silva, Harold Pelaez, Diego Moran, Saulo Sanchez, Daniel Silva, Luis Fernando Gaviria, Cesar Gaviria, Raquel Zozaya, Alberto Flores, Voces and coro
Invitado Especial: Diego Gale Congas
Musicos Participantes: Danny Jimenez, Ramon Benitez, Enrique Carrillo, Chino Gaviria, Pedro Martelo, Juan Carlos Barros, Cesar Gaviria
Category: Dvd => Salsa/Son => Colombia
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-24243.20 DVD $19.98


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