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Luisito Ayala Y La Puerto Rican Power

A Otro Nivel
CD (Latin World Records 001), Released 2011;
Produced by Julio "Gunda" Merced
Editor's Pick:
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With their first new studio session since the acclaimed 2007 release of Salsa of The Caribbean, band-leader/trumpeter Luisito Ayala and his crew are back with an inspired salsa project con mucho swing. On timbales you'll find Oscar Villariny (who made a splash with his own Villariny Salsa Project). Guest singers Ismael Miranda and José Feliciano join the band's singers Javier Marrero, Luisito Ayala Jr. and Kitin Santiago in making this one special. Also, on coro, is Javier Marrero, Darvel Garcia, Chegui Ramos and Victor Copello. Highly Recommended. (BP, 2012-08-29)
Song titles include:
Tengo Miedo
Amor Loco
Yo Tengo Un Corazon
Sin Ti Me Sobra El Corazon
De Aqui Pa' Alla
Ahora Que Me Quieres
Busco Una Mujer
Musicians include:
Luisito Ayala Trompeta
Yturvides Vilches & Angie Machado Trompeta
Cuto Soto, Gamalier Gonzalez & David Irurita Trombón
Rafael "Bodo" Tores Piano
Alex "Apolo" Ayala Bajo
Oscar Villariny Timbal
Gardy Santiago Conga
Junito Rivera Conga
Braulio Ayala Bongó, percusion menor
Ito Serrano Guitarra acústica
Oscar Villariny, Gardy Santiago Batucada
Javier Marrero Cantante
Luisito Ayala Jr. Cantante
Kitin Santiago Cantante
Jose Feliciano Cantante invitado
Ismael Miranda Cantante invitado
Luisito Ayala, Kitin Santiago, Luisito Ayala Jr., Javier Marrero, Darvel Garcia, Chegui Ramos & Victor Copello Coros
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
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