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Tito Nieves

Mi Última Grabación
CD (TNM/Selecto-O-Hits 1204), Released 2011;
Produced by Tito Nieves Y Ramón Sánchez
Editor's Pick:
Veteran New York salsero Tito Nieves started his career in the '70s with Orquesta Cimarron, sang on the self-titled classic La Masacre, and then became one of the lead singers for Conjunto Clasico. In the '80s he had a very successful run with Ralph Mercado's RMM records, and later released albums on Sony, Univision and Warner. To put it simply, Nieves has been around the block quite a few times. He has survived not only the music industry's fads and changes, but also personal tragedies that would have certainly sunk most others less resilient. His rich, chesty, timbre combines strength with likability; a quality that puts listeners at ease and draws them in. Mi Ultima Grabación is testament to the singer's staying power and ability: impressive on both counts. It's a rockin' salsa project that contains a superb handful of hit-worthy tracks. Some of the more driving numbers -- "Por Eso Estoy Contigo," "La Verdad" and "Cuando Estoy Contigo" -- rank among Nieves' best work. With arrangements by pianist Ramón Sánchez, the session featured percussionists Rafael De Gracia, Elías López Jr., Raymond Rodríguez and Sammy García, bassists Pedro Pérez, three trombonists including Carlos "Cuto" Soto and many other first pick players. Mi Ultima Grabación might be just that. Grab it... Highly Recommended. (BP, 2011-11-21)
Song titles include:
Éres Linda (Salsa)
Por Eso Estoy Contigo
Éres Linda (Balada)
La Verdad
Lo Mejor Que Me Ha Pasado
Si Tú Supieras
Cuando Estoy Contigo
Dícelo Así
El Silencio De Tu Amor
Musicians include:
Raymond Rodríguez Bongo
Elías López Jr. Timbal
Pedro Pérez Bajo
Rámon Sánchez Piano y Teclados
Rafael De Gracia Conga
Sammy García Conga
Jan Duclerc Trompeta
Jesús Alonso Trompeta
Jorge Díaz Trombón
Carlos "Cuto" Soto Trombón
Osvaldo Román Coro
Chegui Ramos Coro
Ramón Rodríguez Coro
Ramón Sánchez Arreglos
Francisco Serrano Guitarrista de Eres Linda, Dícelo Así
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24583.10 CD $14.98


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